Short legs

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It’s amazing how fast my boys are growing but they don’t seem to be growing into their pants  lol.  Their shirts are measuring 2T but they are only in 18 month and some 24 moth pants if you roll them up.  Its cute to watch them run…they are awfully fast for having such short legs!  Maybe they will be soccer players?

Still no lens!

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Well it’s been almost 11 weeks and I still dont have a lens.  I wonder if I would have had it if I could charge $150.00 for every day past 6 weeks that they had it in repair?  Things that make you go hmmmmmm.


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I have a confession to make.  I have a weakness and its for cookies and milk.  It’s not just any cookies…it the Nestle Tollhouse Ultimate Chocolate Chip Lovers cookie that have stolen my heart.  These are the best cookies, especially right out of the oven.  Drool!

Germs germs everywhere germs

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I was reading a recent study about grocery carts. It is said that grocery cart handles harbor more bacteria than a public restroom ewww! Many of the local stores in my area are now making those sanitizing wipes available for you to wipe down the cart. I am always armed with my own sanitizing gel or spray just in case. I truthfully think it has kept a lot of illness at bay in our household. I know I can’t protect the boys and us from every germ…but at least I can be proactive in preventing a lot of unnecessary illnesses!

Wheres the other baby monitor?

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We had been looking for the second monitor for the longest time. Here I am every day talking to two toddlers asking them where it is and they are talking to you in some language you dont understand and pointing around like they know what you are talking about…and you are running around like a fool searching. When you have children you will find that everything just disappears! The remote, the phones, you name it…it vanishes! Well one day I decided to give the boys a few crackers…and well…wouldn’t you know it..there in the cracker box was the baby monitor…DUH! I should have looked there…isn’t that where all baby monitors are? LOL!


The best root beer!

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I have found the best tasting root beer ever. I was shopping at the Andersons one afternoon and ran across a sale on this root beer. Normally I just buy A&W or IBC or something but I thought I would be adventurous and try this brand. Now I am addicted to the stuff! It is called Sprecher Brewery Root Beer Soda. I can’t seem to get enough of the stuff and Costco sells it by the case! YUMMY!


Im in the mood for food!

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I’m in the mood for Chinese food today.  I think I will have my husband get me some chicken fried rice from my favorite Chinese restaurant..Panda House!  I wish my best friend Tanya was here to share it with me  :(

Bumps and Bruises

April 21, 2008 by  
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Having toddlers means there are going to be lots of bumps and bruises. Just last week Bubs managed to bump his head on the table and then on the tile edge in our bathroom. Being their mom, I automatically freaked out when it happened…I hate seeing my babies get hurt. The scary thing about it was how huge these bumps got! They grow right before your eyes to like the size of golf balls and the first thing I want to do is run out the door with them because it looks so awful! I have also found that putting ice on their heads is like you are trying to kill them LOL! They absolutely freak out and scream harder than when they got the actual bump. I have found and awesome product that helps with those big bumps on the head or anywhere else that my sister-in-law gave me. It is a product called Arnica Cream! If you put this stuff on right away and for like once a day for two additional days the bump and bruise goes away much quicker! I swear by the stuff!



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Since having the twins, it opens up a whole new world of things you have to look out for and/or manage. Over the past holidays there have been a lot of scares with the whole lead in toys thing. As a parent it can be worrisome to think that the toys you give your children that are supposed to be safe, really aren’t. It is also very hard to keep track of these things especially when you are busy as it is. Almost all of the recall information on products can be found here at the U.S Product Safety Commission.

Shave the dog?

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Gracie is our Golden Retriever and as you know Goldens have really long hair.  Lately she is looking a little on the shaggy side and we are thinking about taking her to the groomers in preparation for the upcoming summer months.  We have been thinking about getting her shaved this time around…well not shaved alot but much shorter than what we usually do.  With the tick season and hot weather, it would be much easier to maintain.  We will have to see!

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