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As a stay at home Mom I am busy preparing 3 full meals a day and snacks pretty much 7 days a week. After awhile as you can imagine I get bored, as well as, the boys. It’s hard to come up with new ideas when you don’t have alot of time and meals need to be nutritious and fairly fast for impatient little ones. I thought that I would share some of the things that my boys like to eat but are fairly simple to prepare.

As a rule of thumb I always try to offer them fresh fruit for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. I also offer the boys snacks and drink throughout the day.

-My boys love berries of every kind! Raspberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries (sliced) make colorful additions to meals and also make great snacks. I also buy these fruits dried and pack them if we go out. Brother’s All Natural is one of the brands that I buy. If fruits aren’t in season I will look at buying them frozen.

-For vegetables I make a lot of the Birdseye Steamfresh Veggies! I love these things because they are easy to prepare. The boys love the broccoli florets from them (sprinkled with a little garlic powder salt, pepper, and a touch of butter). I always try and make it appetizing for them. Usually a bag of broccoli will make it through two meals so I always have a vegetable at the ready for meals.

-For the main part of the meal I offer the boys all sorts of things. For example I give them meatballs, or chicken tenders, they love pasta of any kind. I like to make them mac and cheese and I throw in a little extra cheese for the calcium as my boys aren’t huge milk drinkers. We are working on using our forks so anything that is “fork friendly” works well for them! Grilled ham and cheese is a favorite and I slice it up in little squares. Monkey is my salad eater, so he loves that with ranch dressing. Also they are at a stage where they like to dip their food in ketchup etc. So this allows for interesting taste and can make ordinary foods taste different.

-For breakfasts we do scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon sometimes, they love sausage. My husband brought home some organic toater pastries and they loves those, I use Bisquick to make mini belgian waffles and this will last me two days or I can make the whole batch and freeze them. Also to change it up you can ass blueberries or bananas to them.

-If I give them juice I always water it down..they get the taste without all the unnecessary sugar.

I almost never omit junk foods, its always a treat for them to get something fun. I think that is part of being a kid. My two love getting the freezer pops. Just as long as you don’t over do it and offer them a variety…they will have healthy eating habits.

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