Give plastic a toss…There’s a New Ball In Town

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Ever have to make a quick jaunt to the store? Ever find yourself without a place to put wet clothes or just need an extra bag to put things in? I recently ran across a great product called Flip & Tumble. They are reusable bags that go from ball to bag in seconds!

Flip & Tumble is great for carrying the few items you may need from the store or even makes a great bag for the beach or trips to the gym! One of my kids had wet clothes and I just got out my handy Flip & Tumble bag unrolled it and tossed the wet clothes in there! They are about the size of a tennis ball when not in use so I keep mine in my glove compartment.

To my surprise the process of going from ball to bag and back is incredibly easy! I had no trouble getting the bag back to a ball and vice versa.

The bag is constructed of lightweight nylon ripstop, 12x14x5, has a padded shoulder strap, and can hold a whopping 25lbs! The bag comes in 5 stylish colors and sells for only $12! Not too shabby!

So load em up on your next grocery trip and have a ball with Flip & Tumble!

Company is coming

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So I’ve got company coming and it seems that there aren’t enough hours in my day. Getting housework done with two toddlers is definitely a chore! So I have the laundry to finish, the bedding to set up and wash, the bathrooms to clean, vacuuming, dusting, picking up to do and cook meals and entertain toddlers. So what do you think? Do you think I can get it all done by tomorrow morning? UGH! I think I will be manning the helm till midnight. Hi Ho Hi Ho…off to work I go. Wonder if I wiggle my nose, all the stuff will do itself?

Hanging Your Purse in Style

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Wouldn’t it be great not to have to put your purse on the floor or hang it on the back of a chair? I know when I go out to restaurants I either have to hang my purse on the back of my chair where it can easily be stolen or put it on the less than clean floor somewhere by my feet crowding my leg room.

Well now there is a place to hang your purse away from the dirty floor and where you can keep an eye on it…a place to hang your purse in style!

ChicClip is a compact, lightweight (less than 3 oz), silver purse hook that wraps around itself. Its very easy to use, unfold it rotate it and place it on the table. The ChicClip can hold purses up to 9lbs! There are many stylish colors to choose from and come packed in a very stylish compact discreet pouch. I know I won’t be leaving home without mine! This would make a great gift for anyone and even a great stocking stuffer!

If you would like to get a ChicClip, Stylagio is offering DoubleBugs readers a special discount! If you enter the promo code DOUBLEBUGS20 at checkout you will get 20% off (no minimum purchase necessary). Also, there is Free Shipping on all orders to the US and Canada!

Smart Books For Your Little One: Begin Smart Giveaway

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This Contest Is Closed

Thank you to all who entered!


I was given the privilege of reviewing the Begin Smart Series of books for infants and toddlers from birth to two years. These are some really cool books for your child and DoubleBugs is giving three of it’s readers the chance to win a set of books for your little one!

Here’s What Ya Gotta Do!

Visit the Begin Smart website here and leave me a comment on what particular book or books you like and why.

For extra entries post about my contest on your blog and provide me with the link. Add my tag or subscribe to my feed.

Please make sure you leave an email for me to contact you if you win! If there is no response from you, a new winner will be chosen after 2 days.

Contest Ends Friday June 27th at 11:59 pm

Good Luck!!!

Fun outdoor activity

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Yesterday it was an unusually cool day for Summer! We have a black driveway so I decided to bust out the sidewalk chalk with the boys and do a little artistic creation. As the creative juices starting flowing I decided to draw a road on the driveway and got out the boys little bobby cars. Monkey caught on right away and was driving his car on the road LOL. He had a blast and it is a great idea! They loved the idea of drawing on the ground and then took turns running in circles stepping on all the new artwork on the ground. We weren’t sure what that was about but they were laughing and having fun, so it was a big hit. If boredom has taken over, then this might be an idea to help get out of the funk. It helps lil ones explore their creativity and gives them something new to try. Be creative, draw a town with a road, Spell their name, do the alphabet, draw things for them to identify, or just make spots for them to jump on. The possibilities are endless.! It gets the family fresh air and most important time together!

Rinsing Away Bathtime Woes!

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I recently came across a product that helps with the dreaded hair washing at bath time! So, tonight at bath, I came armed with a new trick up my sleeve and its called the LilRinser! Hair washing is no longer a chore!

Most toddlers or children don’t like to have water poured over there heads! I know my two always try to escape the water pitcher and they stand up and try to climb out of the tub! We wind up with half the pitcher of water on the floor instead!

So recently we tried the LilRinser and it worked like a charm! In fact both the boys made a game out of it and wanted my husband to keep dumping water on their heads! The LilRinser doesn’t allow water or soap to get in your child’s eyes or ears so washing hair isn’t a fight to the finish! You should check it out if bath time comes to a screeching halt when it comes time to wash hair! No more tears and you get to keep your sanity!! Well maybe LOL!

Getting Organized

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So here I am at the boys nap time again! I am busy looking at all my stuff to do, and the list has begun to exhaust me. For all the Moms out there, you know that your job is never done. If you think you have the laundry finished, you can blink and another load will reproduce itself! Thankfully, today I have dinner going in the crockpot and well, the laundry is sorted but isn’t looking very inviting LOL!

Ive decided that I need to organize this place! I feel like it is already somewhat organized, with the exception of the toolboxes…and yes, people I use the tools in the house….women can fix things too! My husband likes to tease me by saying “not bad for a girl!” I am never one to just sit and look at something for very long without taking action. The internet is a great place for information!

So, I need to figure out how to organize things! I hate clutter in the house. I think I have the boys’ playroom pretty organized except when they dump everything. Then it looks like Toys R Us barfed in the place, but that’s just part of their growth and development. We are working on picking up after ourselves, but for them, after they pick it up, its wayyyy more fun to dump it again. That will come with time I suppose. Id rather see them enjoying their things.

So now I am in search of things to organize my life more. I will get back to you all and let you know what I find! If you don’t see me, I am lost in a pile of stuff..I may need to be rescued! LOL

Winner of Doublebugs Shop Till Ya Drop Giveaway!

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Congratulations to Melissa Reeder

for winning Doublebugs Shop Till You Drop $25 Kohls Gift Card Giveaway!!

Many thanks to all who entered!  Keep checking back to see whats new here at Doublebugs!

Happy Fathers Day!

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Here’s to Fathers everywhere, hope you have had a wonderful day celebrating with your families.   We spent the day playing with the boys, and just spending time together as a family.   The boys proudly brought Daddy their card and helped in opening up his presents (some new shirts).  The weather was beautiful, so all in all, a really good day…went by too fast!

Fostering the Young Mind…Books For Little Tikes

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Taking time out to read and to engage in dialogue with your child is one of the most important aspects in their development. I know my two little guys are almost always running to the bookshelves in their playroom, and saying “READ!” It is amazing how much they have learned from just sharing that small amount of time here and there throughout the day.

Books are just not for teaching our babies and children language, but it helps them to gather information about their world. Books foster social, intellectual, and physical development as well as language skills. These are all so very important. Not only that, you are saying to your child that you “have the time” to devote to them and to teach them.

I was just recently introduced to some very unique books for infant and toddlers developed by children’s author and publisher Harriet Ziefert. Begin Smart Books, are books designed to be age appropriate for your child’s specific developmental stage. Most if not all of the modern bookstores carry books for young children, but always lump them together in such a wide age-range. As a parent, I go into a bookstore and spend a good deal of time in the 0-3 year section, looking for books that I think the boys may like and for the most part you have no clue and are blindly picking up books. These particular books I like. I like them because they give you a clear direction in what to choose (color coded by age) The colors are bright and the activities are fun. My two loved the “Look at Me!” book and took turns holding up to their face and “roaring like a lion” or “oinking like a pig”. The activities are simple and versatile which encourage imagination and variety of learning opportunities. I look forward to seeing more from this company in the future..excellent choice in books! Look for them in your local bookstore…definitely worth picking them up for your little one! Happy Reading!

P.S. Keep checking back on your chance to get some of these wonderful books for your special little one!

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