I dont do bugs!

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I am not sure what is up with the bugs this year! I normally am happy to be outside, but lately I have just had enough. I guess it is all the rain we have been having? I have already had three ticks on me.. yuck!
Right now my husband and I have Japanese Beetle traps out. They are the things that are grubs in your lawn, and become these beastly looking things. They are all over my rose bush outside.

So we put up these trap things, that have some sort of scent lure and they can’t fly very well and get stuck. We have already caught a few thousand of these things. Speaking of not flying well, I had the not so lucky privilege of having one stuck in my hair! EEK! Now I can handle bugs, as long as they leave me alone!

The story goes…

My husband and the boys and some friends of ours were outside, while I came inside to finish up dinner. I am busy washing the strawberries and I hear a buzzing. So by now I’m sensing there is something in my hair. I instantly start to panic and I reach up with a paper towel and I can feel it there! So I turn my head upside down and I’m already screaming…(nobody in the house but me). Here I am doing something akin to an Indian rain dance, trying to untangle this beast from my hair! I finally managed to get it out, just shy of a heart attack and everyone coming back in. My heart was pounding and I am seriously considering shaving my head LOL!

Anyway, thats my story and I’m sticking to it. I DON’T DO BUGS! Goodness what am I gonna do when my boys start bringing them home to me as gifts? I will pray very hard for this not to happen!

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  1. [...] I am a girl!  And I do not like the creepy and the crawly, and somehow God had a sense of humor and gave me two very bug loving boys.  We have to search for worms in the garden and aptly name all of them.  Anything that has legs, we have to put in a cup or a jar and examine.  As long as there is a screen that separates me and the creepy crawly, I am ok, but sometimes I am not so lucky. [...]

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