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What are some of your favorite romantic movies? After all the talk of Valentine’s Day over the weekend, it just brought to mind some of my absolute favorite movies. I love romantic comedies and just regular romantic movies. Here are some of my favorites.
1. Officer and a Gentleman- OMG can it get any better than this movie. I used to dream that a guy in uniform would come and sweep me off my feet after watching this one.
2. Under the Tuscan Sun- I could so picture myself in this girls shoes, fixing up my little house in Italy and falling in love.
3. Pretty Woman- Richard Gere, whats not to love? I used to think he was the sexiest looking guy and he had just enough gray hair. Well I still think he looks good.
4. Only You- I love this movie and Marisa Tomei! I would be nuts enough to chase a guy through the streets of Italy. Do you see a going theme here? Magic must happen in Italy. I have always wanted to go there, maybe on a second honeymoon with my hubby.
5. Notting Hill-Anything with Mr Hugh Grant. I love him in a suit with no tie and the top three buttons undone. LOL.
6. Dirty Dancing-I’ve watched this movie like 80 times and I still love it.
7. The Family Stone
8. Bridget Jones’s Diary-Hugh Grant…hello people!
9. Nine Months-Hugh Grant, ok I love the guy shush!
10. Serendipity-I love what this movie is about
I have a few more that I really like but these are my top ten. I can only watch these when my husband is away otherwise he makes fun of me. These are great when he is out playing poker with the guys. Grab a margarita, some popcorn and your girlfriends. What are your favorites?

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