Shiny Cars or Clean Underwear?

May 30, 2009 by  
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Ok so me and my husband argued about washing the cars today.  I told him that they aren’t a priority and that it is a complete waste of time to wash and wax the cars.  If I see a car being washed or waxed, it usually a man that is out doing it.

I know you should get the salt off the car for winter and such, but seriously, the car is always the last thing on my mind.   I never seem to have enough hours in my day for getting the cleaning done, the laundry done, the meals cooked, the kids taken care of and foo fooing up the cars is far off of that list.  So today for about three hours he was out cleaning the cars, mine was done in 20 min because I helped, then he spent the rest on his car, washing and waxing, getting the buffer out like he owned a ferrari (which no offense still is just another car to me) *rolls eyes*.

You can just tell how differently men and women are wired in their thinking.  I cannot even stand to take him to the grocery store with me, because they like to browse and mosey through the aisle like they have all day to be there.  I almost dread when he says “oh we can all go to the store.”  No offense babe, I still love you, but grocery stores and us don’t mix.  It used to be ok with me until we had children, but now I need to get in and get out and the cars can wait till the cows come home.  No honey it isn’t much shinier than before, but my laundry pile got a little bigger.  Shiny car or clean underwear on Monday?

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