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I have almost always been one of those people who is really observant of people’s initial reactions to things.  I guess you could also say that I am one of those slow to warm up individuals.  I am also a true blue friend and I only have a handful of personal friends that I really genuinely trust.

I was recently faced with a situation where I had gotten angry with a friend and was really taken back by their reaction to a situation.  After thinking about it, I decided to write this post because I find it interesting to learn about how people handle themselves in the real world.

So here is my question.  So if someone made you mad, and lets say hypothetically that they had a lot of influence in the group that you frequented would you confront them in risks of losing friendship and risk your reputation being smeared by them?  Are you one of those people that gets to know someone first before believing what someone says about them?  Truthfully, the common observation is that you sort of go along with the crowd, and we are often influenced by what others say.  I know in the past I was guilty of the same thing, but I try to pass my own judgements.  I have found that it is really difficult when you are friends to get past peer influence.  Peer pressure never ends after the school years, we are all influenced in some way by others.

Anyway, I am sure that this post made no sense, but I was thinking about something thought provoking to post.  I always thought I should have been a psychologist  lol!

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