Happy 4th Of July

July 4, 2009 by  
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I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone  a safe and Happy 4th of July.  We spent the morning at a local parade and then headed off to do a little grocery shopping.

We decided that the fireworks were a little too late for the boys this year.  We had originally decided to take them tonight but it was sprinkling and they were crabby despite their late 2 hr nap.

I did a little dress shopping for Blogher and after trying on about twenty different items, I left with two dresses neither of which I really liked.  I bought them because they had all of them on clearance and I was afraid I would be without something if I didn’t at least have a backup plan.  What I would like to know is…why does everything have to be a sack if you are a little overweight.  Nothing has any shape to it, and everything looks like draperies.  I am in a size just above the normal racks at the store, and suddenly I am grandma who has to wear prints the size of Texas!  Cmon people I also like to be in style regardless of my waistline.  Pfft!

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