Mimi The Sardine Lunch Bug *Review and Giveaway*


With the boys getting older and the weather being so nice we like to head outdoors frequently during the summer months.  On of our favorite outings is to head to the zoo for the morning and have sack lunch there before we head home for their naps.  When you visit places like the zoo the cost for food and beverages are usually outrageous and when you have a family of four, that can get a bit pricey.  For half of the cost we can pack a well rounded lunch for all us and it is so much more fun to sort of have a picnic as a family.

I am always in search of new and fun things that sort of make my life easier and appeal to the fun and whimsical that comes along with having children.  When I pack a lunch for the boys it is typically in a plastic baggie or in a brown paper bag.  If you know anything about food, presentation is always important especially when you have toddlers, and I try to make all things exciting to them.  They love the idea of picnics and bringing along their own special snacks for their trips to the zoo or to the playground.


Recently we were sent two Lunch Bug lunch bags from Mimi The Sardine and let me tell you they are incredibly adorable and when you see them, you will never go brown bagging again for your children.  We received the Hybrid Cars print and the Propellers because my two go nuts over planes and cars!  When I packed their lunch the first time in their new Lunch Bug bags they were really excited.  They have such bright and cheery colors and the boys thought that they were really getting something extra special.  Who wouldn’t get excited about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was surrounded by such a delightful packaging?


About Mimi The Sardine

A small, family-owned business located in Marin County just outside San Francisco, Mimi the Sardine’s vibrantly colored Swedish prints capture a sense of delight and a bright innocence, appealing to youngsters and the young at heart, while they naturally bring smiles into life’s everyday eating experiences.
The company’s focus on bright, colorful, coated cotton prints and easy care fabrics has made Mimi the Sardine’s bibs, aprons, splash mats, lunch bugs, backpacks, placemats, and tablecloths synonymous with good times in households all across America. With the transition into soft, safe, organically grown cotton in everything they make, healthy just got healthier—for you, your family, the farmers, and precious ecological systems.


Lunchbugs  are also extremely easy to clean, which is a huge plus when you have little kids and you know there is always bound to be a mess near by. To clean them, you  just wipe, or machine-wash and tumble dry on low! Each bag is equipped with a sturdy zipper and soft handles, children and adults alike fall in love with the fun and colorful patterns, and everyone appreciates its eco-friendly and safe fabric.  I love love love these bags  because they are a vacation from the ordinary and are fun and you can tell that they are made with love.  This is a perfect alternative to brown bag lunches and is sure to brighten up any child’s day.



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106 Responses to “Mimi The Sardine Lunch Bug *Review and Giveaway*”
  1. Shelly says:

    I like the Adult Shopper Flora bag. Its a great alternative to the ugly cloth grocery bags.

  2. Carol says:

    I love the Cats & Dogs Tablecloth. I would so love to win this.

  3. Carol says:


  4. Carol says:

    Twitter follower cdziuba

  5. Abby says:

    The ladybug one is my fave!

  6. Benita B. says:

    I like the Organic Cotton Adult Shoppers.


  7. Benita B. says:

    I subscribe via email.


  8. Cody Endres says:

    I like the lunchox frogs lunchbag since my favorite color is blue.

  9. Nancy says:

    I love the splash mats

  10. Nancy says:

    I subscribe

  11. Nancy says:

    follow on twitter

  12. MRS.MOMMYY says:

    like the adult flora bag

  13. I love the Kids Backpack
    Propeller .

  14. I follow you on twitter under @meredycat.

  15. Diane Perkins says:

    I love everything but especially both the pink and blue flora lunchbugs!

  16. Brandon Ralston says:

    The cats n dogs table cloth because I have always liked cats as pets.

  17. Denyse says:

    I like the Adult Shopper
    Flora Blue.

  18. Carol W. says:

    I really like the apron in the ladybug design.

  19. Carol W. says:

    I subscribe by email.

  20. Angela Winesburg says:

    I love the Frog design is my favorite! Thanks!

  21. bridget says:

    I like the Kids Backpack in Blue Flora.

  22. Beth says:

    I like the Pink Flora Splashmat. I could really use this under my toddler’s high chair.

  23. alison says:

    The organic adult shopper would be great!

  24. alison says:

    I subscribe!

  25. Staci A says:

    I love the kid’s bug apron too! We’re always getting into messy stuff-cooking, crafts, etc so it would be perfect!

  26. Staci A says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  27. Staci A says:

    I faved you on Technorati-MommaStaciA

  28. AB Smith says:

    I like the Adult Shopper -organic

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  29. AB Smith says:

    i subscribed!


  30. AB Smith says:

    I follow on Twitter (osufanz)

  31. angie says:

    I like the Tablecloth in Flora Blue. It would brighten up the kitchen.

  32. Amanda says:

    I love the dogs and cats lunchbox because it’s amazingly cute!
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  33. Amanda says:

    email subscriber
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  34. Amanda says:

    technorati favorite
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  35. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I like the cats and dogs tablecloth. My rescue group has a volunteer appreciation dinner (we are all volunteers) every year and this would be perfect for the food table. Thank you.

  36. Rosey says:

    I like the hybrid cars bib because it’s huge and looks like it will keep baby’s clothes clean.

  37. Rose Alexis says:


  38. Monique Rizzo says:

    The Pink Flora Lunchbag is my fave. Thanks for the chance. mogrill@comcast.net

  39. beth shepherd says:

    I like the Tablecloth in Flora Blue. It would look great
    Thank you for the chance

  40. ann gregory says:

    I’d like the cats and dogs tablecloth for my dear Aunt Mina. She has loved pets for over 90 years!

  41. I really like the Backpacks. They are sooooo adorable.

  42. I subscribe to your blog.

  43. I follow on Twitter.


  44. Nancy V says:

    The splash mats are wonderful!

  45. Kimberly says:

    I like the splashmats, especially the ladybug print. I like how their products come in cordinating prints too.

  46. pixie13 says:

    I like the Jungle Kids Backpack.

  47. jan koontz says:

    all i have to say is, lunch yum

  48. Renee says:

    I like the pink floral tablecloth. Very cute!

  49. Jennifer M says:

    At Mimi the Sardine, I like the square Penguin tablecloth. And the Jungle lunchbag.

  50. Erica G says:

    I like the Adult FLora bag.

  51. Julie says:

    I like the Flora Blue Tablecloth-it matches the colors in my kitchen :)

  52. Julie says:

    email subsriber

  53. Paula H says:

    I like the Jungle Splat Mat. My son can make a big mess when he eats. This looks sturdier than the ones you buy at Walmart’s.

  54. Paula H says:

    I follow on Twitter- ksh123.

  55. Dddiva says:

    I also like the kids apron frogs

  56. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I like the Kids Apron Ladybug-perfect for my granddaughter when she helps me bake

  57. meg says:

    I like the adult apron in ladybugs. I collect aprons, and ladybugs are a favorite of mine from childhood.

  58. Amanda D. says:

    Another product on their site that I like is the Kids Apron
    Ladybug because it would be great to have to put over my daughter’s outfit while she’s eating. She’s only 4 and she tends to spill food all over herself during a meal. This would really help protect her clothing. macd82 at gmail dot com

  59. Erma H says:

    i love the adult flora bag

  60. Gloria says:

    I like the kid’s bug apron because it would come in handy when doing messy things

  61. Gloria says:

    subscribe to email already

  62. I’d like to have the round tablecloth because me dining room is very bland.

  63. following on twitter: heathersphere

  64. subscribed: dontaskme22(at)yahoo(dot)com

  65. techno faved: heathersphere

  66. Sarah Z says:

    Love the Blue Floral Backpack – I am always looking for a great new backpack for the Farmers Market.

  67. Lisa says:

    Love the cute Hybrid Cars tablecloth, this would be great for my son’s birthday party!

  68. Lisa says:

    I’m a subscriber

  69. Candie L says:

    I like the propeller backpacks. Thank you

  70. Candie L says:

    I am a subscriber. Thanks

  71. Beverly M says:

    Kids Apron Ladybug , my little one can really make a mess!

  72. allegro says:

    i like the frogs adult apron. my kids like the frogs design and i need a new apron.

  73. Pamela S says:

    I love the Flora Pink apron.

  74. livingbytheloa says:

    The Frog lunchsack and apron are so cute!

  75. Randy Bailey says:

    I like the kids backpacks

  76. Randy Bailey says:

    I follow U on Twitter[pkbailey01]

  77. Lea says:

    I like the kids’ jungle apron, it’s colorful & cute plus it would keep my daughter clean!

  78. Lea says:

    I’m a subscriber via Google Reader

  79. Katherine Dunn says:

    I like the lunchsack in pink flora~ my daughter would love this!


  80. Happi Shopr says:

    Love the Adult Shopper Flora bag – it’s eco-friendly and cute

  81. kathy pease says:

    i also love the Adult Apron
    Cats n Dogs it is so adorable and would look cute in my kitchen :)

  82. kathy pease says:

    following on twitter klp1965

  83. Leslie Jenkins says:

    I so love the pink flora backpack. My little girl is going to preschool this year and I think it would be the perfect size and color for her!!! :)

  84. Bridget Combs says:

    I like the Adult Apron
    Flora Pink

  85. Bridget Combs says:

    I subscribe!

  86. blueviolet says:

    I also like the Flora blue tablecloth!

  87. blueviolet says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  88. blueviolet says:

    I follow on twitter (blueviolet)

  89. Maja Meza says:

    splash mats

  90. Maja Meza says:


  91. Marcy Strahan says:

    I love the Lady’s adult ladybug shopper but they are out of stock1

    So will will say I love the ladybug lunch tote too!


  92. Marcy Strahan says:

    I subscribe!

  93. Sara Thompson says:

    I like the frog bibs, they are adorable!

  94. Helen says:

    I like the Adult Apron in Flora Blue.

  95. Gianna says:

    I love the Tablecloth in Flora Blue :)

  96. Lily Kwan says:

    The Cats & Dogs Tablecloth looks very nice!

  97. Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed to your blog.


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