The Things I Think About In The Dark

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Every night after the boys bath and book, we tuck them in.  I Have one on one side of me and one on the other.  My husband says good night and I stay with them until they fall asleep.  It is a routine that we have acquired and it is one of my favorite times in my day.

The light goes out and they both ask me to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and they will sing along.  My one little guy will ask me questions, like, Mommy are you happy? and, where do peaches come from?  I can hear them begin to get sleepy, the sound of their breathing, how they shift in the bed, and how their body becomes relaxed.  It is funny all the things you can sense about your children just laying there in the dark.

I think about so much when I am laying there next to my babies.  I will do a majority of my worrying at this time in the day, I will think about the things I have to accomplish and I reflect.  I know a lot of people like to put there kids to bed in their room and close the door, but I just never really wanted to.  I figure that they will grow up and someday and will be embarrased to have me around all the time.  I have just come to realize that time is just passing so quickly

Next weekend my family is coming to visit, and I can hardly wait to have the company.  The boys talk to Grandma and Grandpa and ask when they are coming on their driveway.  I know that they are going to love having them here and it is a much needed break for us here because all of our family is far away.  Tonight I was thinking about the time I miss being home, and how I can change it for us.  It is so difficult to pack up everything here with a dog and a cat, and two kids and not to mention the money it takes to take a trip as a family.

The things I think about in the dark….

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