Room In Progress Part 2

September 2, 2009 by  
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So our room in the basement is moving right along.  We are at the point that we are now finishing the drywall.  If you know anything about drywall, then you know that it has to be taped and mudded.

I started this project gung ho and I am starting to fizzle out towards the end because this isn’t the fun stuff.  I enjoy the painting or picking colors rather, and fixing the room up.  I can safely say that I hate drywall.  It isn’t too bad if you have patience.  The problem is that it takes days to finish because you have to let each coat of mud dry for 24 hours, multiply that by another few days when you have two three year olds to run after.

The plan after this is to primer the walls and pick out the color I want.  After that we finish painting, and call in the carpet guys!  After they do their handy work, we will add baseboard and trim around the doors.  The ceiling will remain unfinished temporarily but the plan is to put in a drop ceiling which as I understand isn’t too difficult.  Nothing is ever too difficult until you do it yourself for the first time!  LOL

Pictures to come soon!

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5 Responses to “Room In Progress Part 2”
  1. I remember drywall being the biggest of all the pains when we remodeled our house. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. trisha says:

    i get all gunho too and then bam, i want to quit! LOL


  3. Stefanie says:

    Ugg…I hate drywall! And mudding is a beyotch! I hope you get it all done soon. I’m sure it will look fab. I also love painting and picking out colors and stuff. THAT I would enjoy. Mudding, etc…not so much! lol

  4. I can’t wait to see pic’s that is how all our projects go we start off great and then we never get done

  5. I would make my hubby do all of the drywall lol. I would do the decorating. You should do step by step photos!

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