Zhu Zhu Pets *Review and Giveaway*

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Hamsters are one of those pets that, I would never really want to have anywhere near my house.  They remind me a lot of a mouse and I don’t find them particularly cute either.   I can remember growing up and having friends that had hamsters and the horrendous smell that always came from them.  Even though those cedar chips are supposed to help, cedar doesn’t smell good either.zhu-zhu-wheel-225x180

Now there is a great solution to your kids wanting a hamster!  Thanks to Mom Select, we were sent the cutest, most adorable, non smelly pets for the boys.  Let me introduce you to Zhu Zhu Pets.  They are fun interactive little hamsters that are sure to delight your child.  They have all sorts of fun things for your hamsters and a whole habitat that you can get, so they can scamper around in it.


After we set up the entire habitat, the boys were very excited, when I pressed the little hidden button on their hamsters’ backs and let them go to do their thing.  I was amazed at how well these things moved around, and the noises they make are so funny.  At one point when their noses bumped each other, I swore I heard a kissing sound, so cute!  They can drive off from the garage in a car, surf on a surf board, walk in their wheel, take a walk in their ball or take a nap.  This is better than any toy that I had as a kid!

The set up process was a little time consuming and takes up a considerable amount of floor space.  It isn’t something you would want to continually take apart and reassemble.  The garage was a little on the flimsy side and the doors didn’t stay in place so I just taped the sides of the garage and that seemed to work.  With all that being said I think in general is is a great toy and my boys have played with it almost every day.  A small word of warning, don’t get the hamster anywhere near your hair because it will get caught in the wheel.

Zhu Zhu pets will be hitting the shelves this Fall and would make a perfect Christmas gift for a special someone who asks for that pet hamster.  At least you know it will make them happy and no messy cages to clean out.

** Thank you to Mom Select for providing the entire Zhu Zhu Pets set up for review**


Would you like to win a lovable hamster and starter slide for your special little someone?  DoubleBugs would like to give its readers the chance to win it!

Here’s all you gotta do!

Visit the Zhu Zhu Pet site and tell me which hamster you love and what else you might like to have, and come back here and leave me a comment.

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Contest Starts September 8. 2009 and Ends October 1, 2009

Good Luck!

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214 Responses to “Zhu Zhu Pets *Review and Giveaway*”
  1. Carrie Allen says:

    My favorite hampster is chunck the white one and the carrier and blanket.

  2. Carrie Allen says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  3. Carrie Allen says:

    I subsribed to you blog via googlre reader!!

  4. Ann says:

    I would like to get Chunck and the car and garage playset for my daughter.

  5. Adrienne Gordon says:

    num nums for my duaghter

  6. kathy dunaway says:

    We like Num Nums and Pip Squeak.The car looks fun and I think the carrier and blanket are cute.
    Zhu Zhu Pet’s look like so much fun.We would love to win one.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Margaret Smith says:

    I would love the tan hamster and I also like the car and garage. These are so adorable! Thanks so much.

  8. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m a subscriber.
    Thanks again.

  9. Jeni says:

    I think the go go adventure ball is cute

  10. karenM says:

    Num Nums, the quick little brown one and the Go Go Adventure Ball


  11. karenM says:

    following in twitter as karenmed409

  12. karenM says:

    blog subscriber karenmed409(at)comcast(dot)net

  13. susan varney says:

    chunck and the hamster car garage for my grandson mverno@roadrunner.com

  14. Kathleen says:

    Chunk is my favorite, thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  15. Laurie W says:

    My favorite is Pip-squeak! My son thinks the car/garage is really cool!

  16. Jenn H says:

    I like Chunk but Num Nums is a cute name. Also the Go Go Adventure Ball is the best.

  17. Tracey Byram says:

    Emily would like Pip Squeak and the Go Go Adventure Ball.

  18. Elena says:

    My favorite hamster is NumNums and I know my kids would love the hamster car and garage! Thanks for the contest!

  19. Carol G says:

    Pipsqueak, with the car and garage.

  20. Monique Rizzo says:

    Pip-Squeak is so cute! Thanks for the chance.

  21. Denyse says:

    I’d like the skateboard and U Turn. We’d choose Pip Squaek.

  22. ReggieMann says:

    I love Pipsqueak and I would love to have the Go Go Adventure Ball :)

  23. Dana Hammell says:

    chunk, really love to win these to help with my Christmas shopping

  24. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Alison likes Squiggles the hamster. She also likes the hamster car and garage.

  25. Laura DeLuca says:

    My daughter wants the hampster car and garage set

  26. Laura DeLuca says:

    follow on twitter (GabbyLowe)

  27. Laura DeLuca says:

    email subscriber

  28. Renee Richardson says:

    We love Numnums and the Go Go Adventure ball looks like so much fun. Thanks for the great contest :)

  29. Cathie F. says:

    I would like Squiggles or NumNum and I think the Adventure ball would be great too.

  30. Cathie F. says:

    I added you to my Technorati favorites Dove420

  31. Cathie F. says:

    I’m following you on Twitter. Dove420

  32. Cathie F. says:

    I subscribed to your blog via e-mail

  33. Cathie F. says:

    Your button has been added to my sidebar.


  34. Randy Bailey says:

    I Think Pipsqueak would B the right hamster for our Granddaughter. I also think the Car & Garage would B our next addition of choice

  35. Randy Bailey says:

    Twitter follower[pkbailey01]

  36. Randy Bailey says:

    Email subscriber

  37. Sylvia says:

    I like the yellow one and the surfboard

  38. Sylvia says:

    I subscribe

  39. Teresa L says:

    I love num nums and the car and ball, and the carrier and blanket is adorable!

  40. Teresa L says:

    I subscribe

  41. Staci A says:

    My son would love Chunk and the Go Go Adventure Ball! Too cute!

  42. Staci A says:

    I faved you on Technorati-MommaStaciA

  43. Staci A says:

    I follow on Twitter-MommaStaciA

  44. Staci A says:

    And I subscribe. Thank you!

  45. TRACY HEYER says:

    My nephew would love Squiggles and the Fun House. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. TRACY HEYER says:

    I am a subscriber.

  47. charlotte says:

    The grandkids would love the Go GO Adventure Ball and like Num Nums. thanks.

  48. Krista Fowles says:

    Its a toss-up between Chunck and num-nums!

  49. Michelle Draveski says:

    we like yum yum and the go go adventure ball

  50. Fionen says:

    I like the brown one, Mr. Squiggles. My favorite add-on is the Hamster Wheel & Tunnel. Every hamster needs a wheel. :D

  51. Fionen says:

    Faved on Technorati
    username: Fionen

  52. Fionen says:

    I follow you on Twitter.
    username: Fionen

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    I subscribe to your blog via e-mail:
    fionen_ftw (at) fionen (dot) com

  54. Fionen says:

    Your button is on the sidebar of my blog.

  55. Shilo Beedy says:

    I would love Mr. Squiggles and car and garage

  56. Kari Follett says:

    I love Mr. Squiggles!!! We have pet rats, well my 14 yr old does but my 5 yr old always wants to play with them. I would love to give him these toy hamsters instead! :)

  57. Kari Follett says:

    I am an email subscriber!

  58. Kari Follett says:

    I now follow you on twitter

  59. Cathy says:

    I follow on twitter

  60. Cathy says:

    These things are so cute. As an odd pet owner, my pets are odd, not me (2 birds and a hedgehog) I always like quirky pet toys. I love all of the hamsters and would have problems picking between them. The ball and the habitat are awfully cool as well.

  61. Cathy says:

    Tweeted about it.

  62. Cathy says:

    Blogged about it.

  63. Alyssa says:

    We love Num Nums and Mr. Squiggles. I want all of the sets, as they just look like so much fun! If I could find them, I would start with the funhouse and attach the garage and the hamster wheel. I would then go ahead and try to find the rest and create one great hamster hangout! If my daughter had her choice she would pick the skateboard; she just keeps begging for a pet and that skateboard.

    Thank you so much for offering this up so that we may have a chance at getting one. We really appreciate it!!!!

  64. Melissa Barnes says:

    I would love squiggles and the hamster funhouse and go go ball

  65. Melissa Barnes says:

    follow on twitter as lovinmykiddos

  66. Melissa Barnes says:

    favorite on technorati as darlanpaulsmamma

  67. Melissa Barnes says:

    subscribe in email

  68. Rosey says:

    I like Mr. Squiggles, and I like the tunnel and hamster wheel. Thank you!

  69. Rosey says:

    I subscribe.

  70. rachel burke says:

    i like chunck , and the starter set

  71. Carol Lawrence says:

    I Think Pipsqueak for our Granddaughter. I also think the Car & Garage would be nice. jelly15301@gmail.com

  72. Carol Lawrence says:

    E-mail subscriber. jelly15301@gmail.com

  73. Carol Lawrence says:

    Technorati fav. jelly15301 — jelly15301@gmail.com

  74. Bridgette Groschen says:

    I like pip squeak and the skateboard park. cool. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Bridgette Groschen

  75. Bridgette Groschen says:

    I tweeted your giveaway. Thanks!
    Bridgette Groschen
    Twitter id: joeandbridge

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    Bridgette Groschen
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    I subscribe to your blog. Thanks!
    Bridgette Groschen

  79. krysten sullivan says:

    We love CHunk, my daughter is a lover of ZHu ZHu’s

  80. Viva says:

    These are adorable! I love Mr. Squiggles and the Go Go Adventure Ball. Thanks!

  81. Pip Squeek is too cute, well they all are but I like that one! The car and the garage looks like something my son would love!

  82. tanya says:

    The hamster car and garage are too cute!

  83. tanya says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  84. Sarah Denton says:

    I like Num Nums and the little car

  85. Shelbie Johnston says:

    Awwww, love Patches! The car looks like so much fun!

  86. Linda says:

    I like Pipsqueak and the Hamster Funhouse looks like fun.

  87. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I’d like pipsqueak and the hamster skate park u-turn

  88. Janette says:

    Num Nums is my favorite, and I like the Go Go Adventure Ball

  89. Janette says:

    added on twitter (@jsoldham)

  90. Janette says:


  91. Janette says:

    faved on Technorati (gidgie)

  92. Robin says:

    I’d like Chunk for my nephew. Thanks.

  93. nahtaya says:

    i like the little gray girl one. my daughter has been beging me since they came out for one of the girl hampsters so please let me win this contest!!!!!

  94. Amanda S. says:

    Chunk is my favorite, and the garage looks cool.

  95. Mary McLure says:

    My daughter would pick PipSqueak, my son would go for Squiggles. My kids would love the Adventure Ball, my daughter would go for the carrier & blanket.

  96. ANGEL says:

    My daughter would love one of these! I think she likes Num Nums the best, from what she’s seen on tv. The go go adventure ball looks like fun. What a great giveaway! thanks!

  97. ANGEL says:

    I subscribed to your blog.

  98. ANGEL says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  99. Janet F says:

    I like Mr Squiggles and the Hamster Wheel & Tunnel.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  100. Janet F says:

    I follow you on Twitter – Janetfaye

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Email subscribed.

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    I faved on Technorati – janetfaye

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  103. Christine says:

    My son would love Mr. Squiggles and of course the car and garage set! Thanks for the chance!!!

  104. Christine says:

    I am a subscriber. Thanks!

  105. Christine says:

    I follow on twitter – justicecw

  106. ky2here says:

    Pipsqueek and the Carrier/Blanket please.

  107. Jennifer says:

    These are so neat. I like all their accessories. My favorite would probably be the Hamster Wheel and Tunnel. All the hamsters are cute, but I think my daughter would like Pipsqueak the best.

  108. Heather says:

    These are soooooo cute! My girls would love to find ANY one of them under the tree! The ball and car look really fun too!!!

  109. Jennifer says:

    Definately would love to have Num Nums! Just the name itself is super cute!!

  110. Jennifer says:

    I’m a subscriber to your blog (sisterlysavings@yahoo.com)

  111. Kerrie Mayans says:

    I like Num Nums best and I think the garage and car looks pretty cool.

  112. Kerrie Mayans says:

    I follow you on twitter as kmayans

  113. Follow you on Twitter (my2boyz)

  114. Added your button to my blog!

  115. Subscriber (my2boyzboeldt (at) att (dot) net)

  116. Cristi says:

    I think chunk is cute. My kids would love this!

  117. Jill Myrick says:

    Our favorites are NumNums and the Go Go Adventure Ball.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  118. Jill Myrick says:

    I have favored your blog on Technorati as jsc123.

  119. Jill Myrick says:

    I am following on Twitter as jlsc123.

  120. Jill Myrick says:

    I am subscribed via email.

  121. Shelbie Johnston says:

    Pip sqeak is sooo cute!

  122. Erma says:

    I’d love to get Chunck and the car and garage playset for my kids.

  123. dianne says:

    Pipsqueak and the car and the garage.

  124. Kevin E says:

    Our daughter likes Chunk the best. She also likes the Hamster wheel & tunnel

  125. Kevin E says:

    I follow on twitter


  126. Molly Krantz says:

    Our favorite is Mr. Squiggles. My daughter would have to have the Hampster Bed and Blanket if she got a Zhu Zhu pet.

  127. Molly Krantz says:

    I subscribe.

  128. Melissa says:

    A pet without all the mess? Where do I sign? I am in love with Pipsqueek and I also think those adventure balls look like lots of fun (I mean, my kids would think they are fun). Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. Melissa says:

    I subscribe though my google reader.

  130. Keonte' says:

    I love the yellow Zhu Zhu…pipsqueak. I think the color is so great.

  131. amy says:

    I like scoot

  132. amy says:

    twittered: Zhu Zhu pet review and giveaway here: http://bit.ly/6zWmD

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  134. amy says:

    faved you on technorati – amywill5918

  135. Ellie W says:

    I’d like to get Mr. Squiggles for my little grandson along with the bed and blanket.

  136. Jammie says:

    I love num nums. And she would look so cute in the car. My daughter would love this.

  137. Jammie says:

    your on my twitter Jammie79

  138. Jammie says:

    I subscribe

  139. Sherry E. says:

    I like “Chunk!” I also like the hamster wheel and tunnel! Thank you for the chance!

  140. Jeff says:

    Mr. Squiggles loves to ride the skateboard

  141. Vicki Andrew says:

    I would like to get Num Num and the car and garage playset for my daughter

  142. Molly Capel says:

    Pip Squeek is cute, and we really like the car.

  143. Crystal F says:

    I like Pipsqueak and the skateboard looks like fun. Thank you!

  144. Lynne Clark says:

    I like that cute little num nums and the little car they can buzz around on!

  145. Richard Clark says:

    Oh my gosh….I want chunk for myself! And the cozy bed set is too cute!

  146. Terry C says:

    I like Pipsqueak and the car & garage.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  147. Terry C says:

    I subscribe to your blog

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  148. Tammy T says:

    I like Num Nums because the name is too cute. And the car with the garage looks like fun.

  149. Rebecca Peters says:

    My fav is Chunk..and the Go Go adventure ball!!

  150. Paula Harmon says:

    Chubby-huggy wants the pet named Num Nums and the little carrier with the blanket. She has been bothering me for these since she saw a commercial for them on tv.

  151. Tim Hughes says:

    My son loves PipSqueek but I am partial to NumNums. He REALLY wants to get a ZhuZHu pet but I am an out of work father so it probably won’t happen anytime soon. He would be happy with any of the sets but he always asks for the car & garage set. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  152. Lisa says:

    The Hamster Car & Garage is super cute! Mr Squiggles is my fave =D

  153. Lisa says:

    I’m a subscriber

  154. kathy pease says:

    i like squiggles and id also like the gogo adventure ball

  155. kathy pease says:

    following on twitter klp1965

  156. Sonya says:

    I like Squiggles and the car and garage!

  157. DanV says:

    I love Mr. Squiggles. I’d also like the surfboard and sleep dome.

  158. alison says:

    Pip squeak would be great! The habitats look really fun!

  159. alison says:

    I follow you on twitter! (@retelling)

  160. alison says:

    I subscribe!

  161. Dale Cook says:

    I like Mr. Squiggles…wish I could get the whole set.

  162. Charity says:

    I like PipSqueak and the Hamster Car and Garage. Thanks

  163. Charity says:

    I subscribe via yahoo reader.

  164. Pamela S says:

    I think Pipsqueak is the cutest!! Thanks so much!

  165. Tina H. says:

    Love patches! My daughter wants this so badly!


  166. Gianna says:

    The Go Go Hampster Ball :)

  167. lea says:

    Mr Squiggles and the Go Go Adventure Ball looks like fun!

  168. lea says:

    I’m a feed subscriber

  169. Alison says:

    My daughter likes Pip Squeak. The carrier and blanket are cute as well. :D


  170. Jaime says:

    love the yellow and the car set looks like fun

  171. Jaime says:

    I am a subscriber

  172. Veronica Garrett says:

    I love Chunk. I would like to get the Surfboard and Sleep Dome.

  173. TAKISHA ALLEN says:

    i like the gray one. i would get the car/garage.

  174. CC says:

    I’d like Mr. Squiggles!

  175. CC says:

    I follow on twitter @speech_hero

  176. CC says:

    I faved in technorati: neonfish

  177. Badger Momma says:

    I like Squiggles, the ginger colored hamster. And we think the car and garage are just too fun.

  178. Shelli says:

    My daughter loves them all! At the very top of her Christmas list. I love the fact that you don’t have to clean up aftet them!

  179. Chrissy McPherson says:

    My daughter loves Num Nums and wants the go go ball, car and garage. We have been looking for one of these since August!

    This is going to make someone very please with Santa this year!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

    Chrissy McPherson

  180. Kasandria says:

    I think Chunk is the absolute cutest! Plus an adorable name. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  181. Kasandria says:

    I follow you on twitter.

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