FLOR Fabulous Fall Flooring For Your Home *review and giveaway*

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I love being able to have versatility in the products that I have in my home. If you are anything like me, I get the urge to do something different in just about any room in my house. I love to do simple changes that help to rejuvenate a room and sometimes you can literally turn it into a completely different space.  When it comes to carpeting, carpet tiles or rugs are one way in which you can spruce up a dated area in your home.

I first laid eyes on the FLOR flooring system when I was watching an episode of Trading Spaces. There are a million different things you can do with flooring when you are using carpet tiles from FLOR. They offer every color and texture you can imagine and the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your space. Even though the floor is beneath your feet, it is something you notice when you walk into a room. You can bring color into the room, or tone it down based on the type of carpet tiles you use.


We aren’t new to FLOR in this house, but each new rug from FLOR is still just as exciting as the first. We currently have FLOR  in our kitchen and entry way. We have hardwood floors, and FLOR is great for protecting them and adding a great design element. When I saw their new Fall line of carpet, I had a hard time deciding what to pick. They have so many great patterns that are rich in color and textures. We had the chance to try the  All Bark No Bite in Meadow. This particular pattern is an over sized, slightly raised hounds tooth pattern.  The color matches beautifully with the greens that I have in my home and it instantly changed the look of the foyer. The kids wanted to do somersaults on it and the dog quickly claimed it as her own.


The best part about FLOR is how easy it is to put together. I must warn you, that this process is extremely addicting and can lead to a new obsession. My husband offered to help me put this one together, but I told him to go away because I have so much fun putting FLOR tiles together. Each square goes together snugly and is held together by what I call “a  little circle of genius,” the FLOR Dot. The first time I used a Flor Dot I was a bit skeptical about what I called a sticker, holding these tiles together, but I was amazed at how great they do hold. You can actually move the entire rug around after your FLOR Dots are in place.  All you have to do is line up your tiles, and place FLOR Dots to hold them in place.  Each FLOR Dot is center marked on all four sides which makes placement a breeze. The process took me all of about 15 minutes and I had a beautiful new rug in my foyer. I love the subtle pattern in the All Bark No Bite rug and how nice it feels to walk on.


The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to FLOR. You can even make some pretty ambitious patterns from cutting and splicing various tiles together. So if you have a creative mind and floor to use it on, FLOR is ideal. It opens up so many more options than the same old boring flowery rugs in the store, or rugs that just don’t quite match. FLOR is one product that I absolutely stand behind because it is innovative, the designs are endless, and the prices are reasonable. Once you try it, you will never go back! Check out their newest additions for Fall.

**This product was provided to me by FLOR for review. The opinions expressed here are strictly that of my own.**



To celebrate FLOR’s New Fall line of flooring, they would like to offer one of DoubleBugs’ readers the chance to win a 5×7 FLOR rug (12 tiles) of choice (excluding Coir and Shaggy Sheep)!

Here’s What You Gotta Do

Do a little dance (just kidding!)  Visit FLOR and tell me what rug you would like to have and what room you would dress up with a new FLOR rug.

Additional Entries

Blog about this contest with one link to my site and one link to FLOR.com (5 additional entries gained.  Please leave a separate comment for each.

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Contest Begins September 28, 2009 and Ends October 31, 2009

Winners Chosen via Random.org

Winner must respond within 48 hours

Good Luck!

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541 Responses to “FLOR Fabulous Fall Flooring For Your Home *review and giveaway*”
  1. Jill says:

    I would like to have it in two colors, Two-Tone Shag Acorn/Branch and Ginger/Bisque

  2. Courtney S says:

    i like the home movies rug

  3. Courtney S says:

    following your twitter (meandbells)

  4. Courtney S says:

    faving you on technorati (meandbells)

  5. sandy says:

    La Fonda del Sol Rug is beautiful

  6. sandy says:


  7. Christine says:

    I love Checkered Past in Color: Dark Grey/Light Grey. It would look great in almost any room in my house. I think I would put it in our family room, but it would probably move around to try other places as well! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Cee says:

    I really like the stitch in time rug. Currently, I would put it in our living room where we already have carpet, but are about to transition to a hardwood flooring. I think my toddler would love the vibrant colors of this rug, and enjoy looking at all the detail. Thank you for this giveaway!

  9. susan varney says:

    two toned would be best for my bedroom mverno@roadrunner.com

  10. Karen M says:

    I would really love the Velvet Twist in Bisque for my living room.

  11. Adrienne Gordon says:

    The Cars rug for my kids room.

  12. Monica Lancaster says:

    I love the Shaggy Sheep for the living room

  13. Marilyn Wons says:

    I would love the All Bark and No Bite in the color of Meadow. I would put this in our den!

  14. Benita B. says:

    I’d want The Love Ewe in Dorset Brown.


  15. Benita B. says:

    I subscribe via email.


  16. shel says:

    My favorite rug is “Hello Down There” because it’s so funky and fun! I’d put it in the corner of the dining room currently dubbed as my office so I could gaze at it every day and run my bare toes across it.

  17. shel says:

    Twitter follower

  18. shel says:

    I’m a loyal email subscriber

  19. shel says:

    Fav’d on Technorati

  20. I love the groovy button rugs in all the colors. I would use it for my daycare room for the kids to sit on.


  21. I follow you on twitter; lovemy2doggies

  22. Email subscriber


  23. Deborah Stinson says:

    I would love to have It’s Hip to be Square in Mist and I would use it in the bathroom hallway. As far as a room, I’d like to have FLOR rugs in all my rooms!

  24. Tammy C says:

    I really like the Flora Rug Kit. I am a subscriber. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. judyv says:

    I love the groovy button rugs any color would be great

  26. M.A. says:

    I’d like to have “Hello Down There” for my entryway.

  27. mellissa clark says:

    I would pick the Souk chic Rug kit.

  28. Margaret Smith says:

    I love the Square Dance in red and brown. Thanks so much.

  29. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  30. Jill L says:

    I love the Find the Face rug.

  31. Kacy says:

    I love love love the Feeling Groovy rug in Lime. I would use it to add some color to my mostly black-themed living room :)

  32. DG says:

    I like All Bark and No Bite in Meadow

  33. DG says:


  34. DG says:

    twitter follower DeeGee13

  35. DG says:

    tech faved DG09

  36. tanya says:

    Velvet Twist in sunflower would look great in my home.

  37. tanya says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  38. Michelle Draveski says:

    the home movies rug is pretty cool

  39. Stephanie V says:

    have always like modern mix and would put in the family room
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  40. Kalani says:

    We so need this! Right now we have the reminant from when my in-laws installed their new carpet.. Unfinished edges and all!
    We’d get the red Take a Ribbing.
    inalak at msn dot com

  41. Deborah says:

    I love the A Little of This in Sand color.

  42. Deborah says:

    Following on twitter

  43. Deborah says:

    I am a subscriber.

  44. Linda Fish says:

    I like the Home Movies rug in Popcorn color

  45. Ali says:

    I love two-toned…FLOR rugs are the best. So customizable, easy to clean and they have a fresh and modern feel.

  46. Mike says:

    I would dress up my living room with the Botanicals Moss. Thanks!

  47. Stacy says:

    I like the Morning Coffee rug and I would use it in my dining room.

  48. Diane says:

    I love the Twist & Shout in Red

  49. Diane says:

    I follow you on twitter. im @dwalline

  50. Carol G says:

    I would like the Botanicals, in Bisque, and I would put it in my bedroom.

  51. SUZANNA P says:

    i would get Feeling Groovy in Pecan for under the Dining Table in the Kitchen

  52. Tracey Byram says:

    The La Fonda Del Sol would brighten up my livingroom.

  53. I want the Feelin’ Groovy in Meadow to put in my living room.

  54. Elena says:

    I’d put the Find a Face rug in my tv/computer/family room! Thanks for the contest!

  55. Katharine says:

    the Souk Chic rug kit

  56. April J says:

    I like the fuzzy button rug and would put it in my family room

  57. AUTUMN B. says:

    they have a cute car one for kids rooms!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  58. Kristie says:

    I like the Sweet Dreams in Buttercream. I would put in the living room after we take out the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors.

  59. Tiffany says:

    Feelin’ Groovy in green would be my choice, and it would go in my guest room!

  60. Lisa says:

    I like the Modern Mix style in Bisque. It would look perfect in the master bedroom I’m redecorating Thanks!

  61. Linda Lansford says:

    I want Channel Surfing for my foyer

  62. cathie m says:

    I like the home movies rug for my home office.

  63. Monique Rizzo says:

    I LOVE the Home MOvies Rug!! So cool. Thanks for the chance.

  64. Tari Lawson says:

    I would like the Needlepoint rug in Laurel for either my hallway or breakfast room.

  65. Cheryl Stillwell says:

    I favor the Lamb Cord in gray and also in the white.

    enyl (at)inbox(dot)com

  66. Jackie H says:

    The Summer All Wrapped Up Rug Kit would go so well with my red sofas! :)

  67. Christine V says:

    I like the home movies rug for my den

  68. Kelly Daugherty says:

    I love love love the Groovy Buttons Rug. My Granddaughter would love that in her bedroom!

  69. Kelly Daugherty says:


  70. ali says:

    The flora – leaf rug would go perfectly in my main room!

  71. Nicolle B. says:

    I LOVE the one you reviewed: All Bark No Bite in Meadow. That would work wonderfully in our home. We need a replacement rug in the living room to give it an uplifting feeling.

  72. Nicolle B. says:

    follow on twitter: BabeeLove

  73. Melissa Barnes says:

    I would love to have Shaggy Sheep in Suffolk White for my husbands office area

  74. Melissa Barnes says:


  75. Melissa Barnes says:

    follow on twitter as lovinmykiddos

  76. Melissa Barnes says:

    favorite on technorati as darlanpaulsmamma

  77. Carol says:

    Oh wow, I would LOVE to win a rug for my daughter’s bedroom. Her walls are aqua, and the bedding is aqua and chocolate brown, so I like the FEZ rug in Earthen. She has hardwood floors, and it gets so cold there in the winter. Great giveaway!!!!

  78. Carol says:

    I follow on Twitter cdziuba

  79. Carol says:

    Technorati fave cdziuba

  80. Carol says:


  81. brooke says:

    i like the home movies style. i’d probably put it in my entry way.

  82. brooke says:

    i subscribe to u

  83. brooke says:

    i follow u on twitter

  84. brooke says:

    i tweeted about this giveaway

  85. Erica C. says:

    My living room would look great with the Fez rug in Autumn…I love the colors. Thanks :)

  86. Frances Carty says:

    I would like velvet Twist for my living room.

  87. Laura DeLuca says:

    I’d like the Love Ewe for my living room

  88. Laura DeLuca says:

    follow on twitter (GabbyLowe)

  89. Laura DeLuca says:


  90. Tammy T says:

    I like the Feelin Groovy in the Harvest color. I would put it in my entry hallway because it’s a really wide area that’s pretty blah.

  91. Cindy says:

    I’d like to have the Crossways rug kit for my office area.

  92. Cindy says:

    Twitter follower @getalonghome

  93. Cindy says:

    Technorati fave: TheRealSpoodles

  94. Vicky Carlson says:

    I love the green Morning Coffee Organic Blend. I would decorate my living room with it. http://tinyurl.com/bvhomj

  95. Vicky Carlson says:

    I added you to my twitter. t42vek20

  96. Vicky Carlson says:

    I added you to my technorati favorites. t42vek20

  97. Staci A says:

    I’d love the Hello Down There rug for my son’s room. He would love it!

  98. Staci A says:

    I follow you on Twitter-MommaStaciA

  99. Staci A says:

    I faved you on Technorati-MommaStaciA.

  100. Staci A says:

    And I subscribe. Thanks!

  101. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    My new favorite is find the face. These rugs are so awesome!

  102. Tonya Froemel says:

    I really like the Favorite Jeans tiles in Overdyed

  103. Carolyn G says:

    Love FLor and I love the Girard Flora rug kit

  104. Ashley says:

    i like sweet dreams for my living room

  105. Janette says:

    I love Botanicals in Moss, and I’d put it in my bedroom!

  106. Janette says:

    following on twitter @jsoldham

  107. Janette says:

    faved on technorati – gidgie

  108. Janette says:


  109. Michelle says:

    I follow you on twitter.

  110. Michelle says:

    I would love the Best Of Both Wools in the Dorset Stripe. That would look great in my living room! Thanks!

  111. Michelle says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  112. Michelle says:

    Blogged. 1wickedwitch2.blogspot.com

  113. Michelle says:

    Blogged at 1wickedwitch2.blogspot.com

  114. Michelle says:

    Blogged at 1wickedwitch2.blogspot.com.

  115. Michelle says:

    Blogged. 1wickedwitch2.blogspot.com.

  116. Michelle says:

    Blogged! 1wickedwitch2.blogspot.com

  117. danielle donohue says:

    I like the Arachnophobia rug. I would put it in our living room!

  118. danielle donohue says:

    follow on twitter: luvmy2ms

  119. Wehaf says:

    I love the Skully rug, but I’d probably get a more neutral one for the living room.

  120. Jill says:

    I love the look at hue pewter rug kit. I’d use it to jazz up the o-so-generic Berber carpet in our home office.

  121. Heather says:

    I’m so glad I saw this today. I have wanted the PIXAR and DISNEY PRINCESS rugs for quite some time but I noticed today that they are on SALE so I ordered them both. Thank you!

  122. tamathamc says:

    I would choose the well suited in purple, for my bathroom.

  123. Rosey says:

    I like the Power Nap in Lagoon, and it would go in the library, which currently has hard wood floors but no rug. Thank you.

  124. Rosey says:

    e-mail subscriber

    Thank you.

  125. Becky says:

    I would pick the Arachnophobia orange one and put it in my front hall…I so can’t wait for Halloween.

  126. Deborah R says:

    I’d like to dress up our breakfast nook with FLOR’s Stitch in Time Rug Kit in Neutral.

  127. Susan C says:

    I love the Botanicals in Taupe or Cream (can’t decide)for my bedroom.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  128. Susan C says:

    I follow you on Twitter (ptowngirl).
    smchester at gmail dot com

  129. Lindsay says:

    I’d love to put Velvet Twist in acorn in my bedroom

  130. Lindsay says:

    I subscribed to your blog

  131. Alicia says:

    The Fez in Flannel & I’d put it in my bedroom.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  132. leloni says:

    I love hello down there for my living room.

  133. Holly W. says:

    I would love to have the Two of Hue in Palm for my entryway!

  134. Holly W. says:

    I follow you on Twitter..her5boys480

  135. Ashley says:

    I would get a pink one fo my new baby girl’s room.

  136. Ashley says:

    I subscribe.

  137. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10-6

  138. Katherine says:

    I would love to dress up our dining room with the Mums the Word Rug Kit!!

  139. Katherine says:

    I’m following you on twitter! – @ktkatherine

  140. Katherine says:

    Faved in technorati – ktkatherine

  141. Katherine says:

    I am a subscriber!

  142. christopher h says:

    i’d get the wide wale – gray, for the bedroom

  143. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/07

  144. debi welbon says:

    The shag acorn in the family room sitting area

  145. Jeff says:

    Between the Lines for the living room!

  146. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/08

  147. Jennifer M says:

    My favorite Flor rug is the Souk Chic Rug Kit. My entryway needs help!
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  148. Anitra says:

    faux bois. thanks for the giveaway

  149. Jean says:

    I would use the short shag rug in my office.

  150. angie says:

    I like All Square in Mist. It would definitely dress up my living room.

  151. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/09

  152. K. Rock says:

    I would get the Home Movies for my living room.

  153. Jill Myrick says:

    I would love to have the Flor Botanical Rug in Moss for our master bedroom that we recently remodeled.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  154. Jill Myrick says:

    I am following via Twitter as jlsc123.

  155. Jill Myrick says:

    I have favored your blog on Technorati as jsc123.

  156. Jill Myrick says:

    I am subscribed via email.

  157. Connie says:

    I LOVE this one http://www.flor.com/service/flor/shop/item/Feelin-Groovy/1391302500-100556.html?bcreset=1

    I’m getting rid of the 80′s pink and blue in our bedroom and am thinking this olive is fab!

    Thanks for the chance.

  158. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/10

  159. Debra F says:

    I would really love the Velvet Twist in the Acorn color for my office. It would really warm the room up. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  160. Cheryl says:

    I love the Funny Bones rug kit. I would definetly put it in my son’s room.

  161. Stacy Dunning says:

    I would choose the Walk the Line for my laundry room.

  162. Erica G says:

    I love the Mod Zebra. Thanks!

  163. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/11

  164. Shawna B says:

    I’d like the Botanicals for my mom.

  165. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/12

  166. Carol Lawrence says:

    My living room would look great with the Fez rug in Autumn. jelly15301@gmail.com

  167. Carol Lawrence says:

    E-mail subscriber. jelly15301@gmail.com

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    Technorati fav. jelly15301 — jelly15301@gmail.com

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    Twitter follower. jelly15301 — jelly15301@gmail.com

  170. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/13

  171. Robin Haws says:

    My kids’ room is in dire need of a new rug! I would love to have the Short Shag in Cinnabar!

  172. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/14

  173. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/15

  174. Sarah says:

    I would choose the Botanicals in Taupe for my dining room!

  175. Sarah says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  176. Kimberly R says:

    The Souk Chick rug would look great right smack in the middle of my living room!

  177. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/16

  178. Kimberly L says:

    I would choose The Soft & Plush – Rake Me Over and put in my kitchen

  179. Kim says:

    LOVE: Rake Me Over

  180. Kim says:


  181. Annette D says:

    I love the Souk Chic Rug Kit and I would use it in my kitchen.

  182. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/18

  183. Jennifer M says:

    I’d love the botanicals rug for my living room.

  184. trishden says:

    Hi, I like the Faux Bois
    Bisque/Reed rug and I would use it in my living room. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  185. trishden says:

    I tweeted on Twitter here:


  186. trishden says:

    I’m a Twitter follower. Thanks! trishden

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    I’m an email subscriber. Thanks!

  189. Cat says:

    I’d love the modern mix in acorn for a runner in my hallway.

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  198. Vicky Carlson says:


    I really need this, My bathroom floor got flooded with all the rain and my plumbing went haywire!
    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/19

  199. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/20

  200. KIM says:

    I would LOVE to have the Side By Side black & white rug in our black & white living room. It would look AMAZING in there!

  201. Kim says:

    I subscribe to your blog

  202. trishden says:

    Daily tweet here:


  203. mickeyfan says:

    A Little of This in green/palm would be great for our back entry. You know, the area where REAL friends come in? :)

  204. rebekah arnold says:


  205. rebekah arnold says:


  206. rebekah arnold says:


  207. rebekah arnold says:


  208. I like the Stich in Time rug maybe with some Toy Poodle GiGi Palm tiles!
    This would be so fantastic, my potty training child has um, spotted our other rug.

  209. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/22

  210. Nora SP says:

    Best of Both Wools

  211. dawn0124 says:

    Rake Me Over in Black for my son’s bedroom.

  212. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/23

  213. Tammy Pereira says:

    I would love to win the funny bones rug for my dining room, not only would it match my goth decor, but it would look great for my Halloween party too.

  214. Brandi says:

    I would like the black and white tuxedo kit for the nursery–black and white stripes are good for babies!

  215. James Jenkins says:

    Rake Me Over in black for my grandkids

  216. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/25

    Need this, lost my bathroom floor in a flood this month. GL all!

  217. andy says:

    Fret Knot in olive would go great in our entryway.

  218. andy says:

    I like Fret Knot. Maybe olive. Unless my wife says otherwise!

  219. Jenna says:

    Velvet Rope in red for the entryway

  220. Jenna says:

    Following @halfbluesky

  221. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/26

  222. Wehaf says:

    I would love the skully rug for the laundry room, but if I won would probably choose something less out there. :)

  223. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/27

  224. Aaron B from IL says:

    I would like to have the It’s Business Time Rug Kit for my bedroom floor. It is very cold during the cold Chicago winters and I haven’t found a rug to buy yet.

  225. Christie says:

    I would choose Botanicals in blue to dress up my foyer.

  226. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/28

  227. Heather says:

    I would pick The Faux Bois in Bisque/Reed! Would look really great in my Front Room!!

  228. I like the idea of vibrant flooring. Also the eco friendly angle is always appreciated.

    Doesn’t look like you can get this in the UK… yet ;)

  229. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/29

  230. roseh2o19 says:

    souk chic in the mbr

  231. Kathy Scott says:

    Velvet Twist in Bisque would be great for my office.

  232. Dddiva says:

    I like the modern mix in blue- I’d put it in the family room

  233. Dddiva says:

    follow you on twitter dddiva

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    tech fave dddiva

  235. Angela Gaffke says:

    I would LOVE the big wooly rug in my living room!

  236. Angela Gaffke says:

    I subscribe to your blog.

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    I follow you on twitter. ag1414

  238. Kelly J says:

    The Souk Chic style for our office as it is simply beautiful and hopefully will make it look less plain jane

  239. Aisling says:

    I’d love to have a Fret Knot rug in Mist for our sunroom.

  240. Molly Krantz says:

    My favorite is the Fret Knot in Titanium. I actually need it to dress up my entry way. It is the first thing people see when they walk in your house.

  241. Molly Krantz says:

    I subscribe.

  242. Molly Krantz says:

    I follow on twitter as tomandmollyk

  243. Erma says:

    I like the Finer Things
    Taupe for my livingroom.

  244. Kimberly says:

    I am really liking the modern mix rug for my foyer.

  245. Kimberly says:

    I subscribe via email.

  246. jenni d says:

    Short Shag in brook for my living room.

  247. Jennifer Dillinger says:


  248. Carmen says:

    I’d get the botanical print in the pale blue and use it either in my living room or bedroom. I can’t decide which would be better!

  249. Carmen says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

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    I’m following you on Twitter!

  251. Susan Ledet says:

    I would get the nice Fret Not Rug to spruce up my kitchen.

  252. Susan Ledet says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  253. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/30

  254. Valeen N says:

    I would love the Squared Silly Rug! I would use it in my craft room to add to the brightness and creativity there!

  255. chastidy says:

    I love the Shirt Stripe for the playroom :)

  256. chastidy says:

    I subscribe :)

  257. chastidy says:

    I follow on Twiiter :)

  258. Caitlin P. says:

    My favorite is the Morning Coffee. I would use it in my dining room….it’s nice and dark to hide the stains made by my 4 little kids!

  259. Gabriel J. says:

    I like the Arachnophobia rug.

  260. Amy says:

    I would love the Black & White rug kit, it’s so cute! We’re actually moving soon so that I can go to grad school (as soon as we find out where! *fingers crossed for somewhere good*) and we’re selling everything we own before the move to save some expense but I would love to start off our new place with a new FLOR rug which would be our first piece of furniture in the living room!

  261. Donna L says:

    I like the Feelin’ Groovy in tan for my living room

  262. Amy says:

    I follow you on Twitter! (kidazy)

  263. Amy says:

    I technorati fave’d you! (kidazy)

  264. Amy says:

    I’m subscribed by email!

  265. Sheila says:

    Botanicals in Taupe for the dining room

  266. Brooke says:

    Well I love the Shaggy Sheep… but alas…
    I would get either the Modern Mix or the Rake me Over.. color would depend on if it goes in the Hallway or the living room

  267. Chrysa says:

    The Acorn Velve Twist would look good in our living room.

  268. Chrysa says:

    I’m following you on Twitter. (My Twitter name is @ThriftyJinxy)

  269. lace says:

    I’d love to have the straight and narrow rug for my entryway

  270. Andrea B says:

    I like A Little of This in sand/cream for our sitting area room.

  271. Andrea B says:

    twitter follower @dearandrea

  272. cassandra says:

    I would get the skully carpet and decorate my sons rooom

  273. Lia says:

    Velvet Twist in acorn

  274. Marc says:

    Checkered Past – Laurel/Lime. I’d put it in the cellar.

  275. Lisa says:

    I love the Sea Grass Stripe Rug Kit, it’d be lovely in my bedroom!

  276. Lisa says:

    I’m a subscriber

  277. Vicki Andrew says:

    love Flor carpets, I have wanted one of their carpets for years now. I really like the Cut a Rug in red

  278. Rajee says:

    ike the home movies rug

  279. Rajee says:

    Tweeted @mosfocus

  280. Rajee says:

    pls follow me on twitter as twitter limit me in following u

  281. Lindsay L says:

    I like the velvet twist in acorn

  282. Paula Harmon says:

    I’d choose Funny Bones (with skulls on it) for my son’s room, which has pink carpeting. It would fit perfect in the corner where he practices his guitar.

  283. M Herrin says:

    I would love the All Bark and No Bite for my basement.

  284. Jaque says:

    The Face to Face Rug Kit would be perfect for my daughter’s eclectic room!

    Thank you. :-)

  285. Vicky Carlson says:

    I tweeted here. Thanks! 10/31 t42vek20 at gmail dot com

  286. sAVINGDIVA says:

    I love the Sea Grass Stripe Rug Kit in the Martha Stewart Collection!

  287. Pamela S says:

    I love the La Fonda del Sol rug! So colorful. Thanks.

  288. Sandra says:

    Sitting Pretty Rug KitPink/Orange would jazz up my dark dining room beautifully. Thanks

  289. Julie Moe says:

    I’d pick morning coffee

  290. Julie Moe says:

    Added you to twitter under juliemeagan

  291. Julie Moe says:

    Added you to technorati favorites (juliemoe)

  292. Julie Moe says:

    Subscribe via e-mail

  293. Allegro says:

    I like the Favorite Jeans rug in Denim Blue for the boys room.

  294. Michael says:

    I would select the Morning Coffee style (in cappuccino) for our living room floor which we recently converted from carpet to wood laminate. :)

  295. Sarah C says:

    I love the Branch/Peat Faux Bois, but all of them are really awesome!


  296. Sarah C says:

    I’m a Twitter follower now – soluckyducky – and also I forgot to say, but I would put the FLOR rug in our living room because we don’t have one there right now on the laminate flooring.

  297. DanV says:

    I’d like the All Wrapped Up Rug Kit for our family room

  298. Elizabeth N. says:

    I like the Morning Coffee Dark Roast one. I would put it in my dining room – it’d be a nice balance to the red walls.

  299. trixx says:

    The Crossing the Line Rug Kit would be perfect in my living room!

  300. trixx says:

    I’m a feed subscriber

  301. I would get Skully for my teenage son’s room.

  302. Suzila says:

    I like the Crossways rug and I’d use it in my kitchen.

    Thanks for offering such a nice prize!


  303. ElV says:

    We’d love the Modern Mix in Brown for our family room

  304. R Hicks says:

    I like the twill ride in vanilla/hazelnut. This would go into the den

  305. R Hicks says:

    follow you on twitter


  306. R Hicks says:

    subscribe via email

  307. R Hicks says:

    faved on tecnorati


  308. Gloria says:

    I like the Morning Coffee in Capuccino for my dining room! My old rug is worn threadbare.

  309. reeva says:

    i love the mod zebra one.

  310. Gloria says:

    follow on twitter as kngmckellar

  311. Gloria says:

    email subscriber

  312. Amanda says:

    Oooo. I love the Pop Tartan (olive). I would put it in the family room.

  313. Auriette says:

    I would love to have some purple FLOR tiles in my bedroom. I’d like to mix and match the House Pet in Hummingbird color and the Toy Poodle in Lush Lilac color.

  314. Sarah Mitchell says:

    I like the Fret not in earthen.

  315. Kerry Winger says:

    I love the square dance rug kit

  316. Sal Williams says:

    La Fonda del Sol even sounds good looking! Yes. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  317. Angie O says:

    I’d love shaggy sheep for my living room.

  318. Gianna says:

    Shiny Happy Stripe in Silver :)

  319. Michelle H. says:

    I would choose either the “Two of Hue” in red or “Morning Coffee”.

  320. Viv says:

    I like Rake Me Over in Olive or Fret Knot is pretty too in Olive! Thank you for the great contest!

  321. Viv says:

    subscribed to your feed

  322. Viv says:

    Faved you on technorati


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