Sick Sick Sick

October 5, 2009 by  
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Well we are getting sick again, and I am never leaving the house.  I told my husband that the parties we went to over the weekend were prime breeding grounds for some kung foo goo, I knew the boys would get something.  I know we can’t live our lives in a bubble, and I am not a paranoid person.  But I just hate that almost every time we go out to gatherings one of them comes home sick and then we are all sick.

The scariest part about this time, is that one of my boys has a high fever and he is under tons of blankets and still shivering.  I always worry especially since when he gets sick his asthma kicks in.  With all of these swine flu cases it always concerns you as a parent.  I’m praying this is just a passing virus.   Off to take care of my babies!

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One Response to “Sick Sick Sick”
  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I totally have empathy for you.
    Seems like everytime I go to church I get sick.
    That’s probably because our church is a very huggy, hand shaking, friendly church. I won’t let people hug me there anymore.
    I wish our Pastor wasn’t the type to encourage people to come to church when they are sick. He tells them, “Come, you’ll feel better once you get here!”
    Well, what happens is they just pass their viruses onto everyone else.
    I am so sick of getting sick.
    I don’t go and be around others when I’m ill, and I wish they’d have the same consideration, but ahhh well, some people out there think they can’t pass anything on.
    Hope you and yours get better soon, and some common sense kicks into the people who’ve been spreading the garbage around.

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