Holiday Hustle and Bustle Mary Poppins Where Are You?

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So now that we are staring December right in the face, I am finding myself in a typical yet slight panic to get everything ready.  Today we put lights on the house so Santa knows where to find us.  I explained to my three year olds that this is how Santa finds our house to bring presents. What was I thinking when I signed this binding agreement which now means I have to put lights on my house every year?

Next week we will head to the tree farm and usher in Christmas full force.  I ventured into the local mall this weekend and I had expected much bigger lines, but surprisingly I could actually look at stuff without being butt to butt and shoulder to shoulder with some complete stranger.  I was mainly there to find some more clothing for the boys so I am not running out of pants before the end of the week.

We are also heading down the potty training path.  We waited to potty train and we weren’t in a particular hurry to get it done.  We figured that the boys would sort of let us know.  Today, they did great and only had 3 accidents between them.  I treat jar stuffed with dollar toys and gummy candies, does wonders.  They have wised up and will go to the potty even if they just went 15 min ago  lol.  So we have restricted potty treats to once and hour.

Do you ever just feel worn out before you even get started?  I love the holidays but wish I could wiggle my nose to get it all done.  Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?

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One Response to “Holiday Hustle and Bustle Mary Poppins Where Are You?”
  1. trisha says:

    Start potty training in jan when you are less stressed!

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