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Since getting our new Frigidaire, I had basically stuffed all the things we had in our old refrigerator in the new one with the intention of getting the space better organized.  The Frigidaire is a little smaller than our previous fridge but it has more than enough ample space and some really neat features that make up for the difference.

Before our big grocery trips, I usually do a thorough clean out of both the refrigerator and the freezer to get an idea of what I have, what I might need and toss out all the things that are outdated.

Here are some useful tips for organizing your fridge!

When you are cleaning out the fridge and getting ready to go to the store, it is the perfect opportunity to clean it out and sanitize and wash all the shelves and such.  I like to get all the bottles out and clean them off because usually you have stuff that somehow gets caked to the bottom and it sort of winds up in the rest of your refrigerator.

If you have meat that you are going to be storing, I typically like to put that on a bottom shelf.  With my Frigidaire, there is a drawer at the bottom that I like to toss it in.  That way if the meat juices and stuff leak, then the clean up is as simple as wiping the drawer out and it isn’t busy dripping all over everything if you were to put it on a shelf.

You can wash and put all your produce away and ready to go when you first buy it.  I admittedly don’t do this, because I am usually in a rush, but this will help your lettuce and fruits stay fresher longer.

I throw out anything that is expired.  yes, ok, I am a little paranoid about expiration dates.  The minute the clock hits midnight the day after the date on the bottle, it gets tossed.  My husband makes fun of me because he will eat it if its half green  lol.

Have a place for everything.  How you want to organize where to put things is strictly up to you, but if you designate a place for your condiments, and your eggs etc, then you always have a place to put them and it keeps your fridge looking nice and neat.  Ladies, this is great for your husbands who can never find a darn thing.  If they learn the place, then they will leave you alone when they are looking  ha!

Put your taller items in the back.  This way, you can see those bigger items easily without blocking the view of your smaller things.  This is better than standing there looking like you are scouting a boat out at sea, with your fridge door hanging open, a look of confusion on your face (knowing that you just bought the item you are looking for) and then you just give up.  This is usually when the alarm on the door to our new Frigidaire starts to beep at me.  I love the feature though, especially with kids…if they leave it open without me knowing then there is a reminder…I love it!

For the freezer, I pretty much do the same.  I try and keep items grouped together, and go through it once a month.  I try and keep bagged items together, flat boxed items in one area with the label facing out.  This makes it easy to see and reach and nothing is falling out at your feet.  There isn’t anything worse than frozen meat hitting your toes  ouch!

Lastly, I try to keep things decluttered.  If you have something in a box and the something can be removed and put away it will usually free up some space in the refrigerator.  For example, I always have sick butter in the house for baking, and usually it comes four to a box, instead of hanging on to the box with only two sticks, it will free up a little more room to take them out.  If the expiration date is on the box, get a permanent marker and write it on there.  I do this with everything, especially with meats in my freezer that I divide into smaller portions for the family.

Here is a little video of my organized fridge!

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Refrigerator to facilitate my review.

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