Garage Sale Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

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So, our community garage sale is right around the corner.  I think I have about two weeks left, and I am feeling overwhelmed.  I have big grand plans to gut the entire house, organize, and get this place in order.  My blog has been ignored so I could tear up my house.   So if I have been missing, I am at the bottom of a pile somewhere.

The house is a big big mess, and the toys are everywhere, but I don’t care.  I figure when its all over, I will get it all back into shape.  I am currently going through every cotton picking thing in my kitchen and filling up the trash bags, and overwhelming the corner in my den.  Ive got miscellaneous Christmas mugs, fine crystal from auntie so and so, that has about 6 inches of dust on it.  I don’t use this foo foo stuff, so…OUT THE DOOR is goes!

I had to relinquish my sentimental, teary eyed saving of every baby toy the boys own and widdle them down to just a few for the next little one.  I saved the favorites and the rest are getting slapped with a price tag.  Clothes are getting sorted, drawers are getting cleaned out, and what we don’t sell is getting donated.

My hope is to earn money for a new couch in the basement, take care of a few repairs, and pay to get the carpet cleaned, which is in great need.

What I hate the most about cleaning, is the stupid odds and ends piles I have laying around.  They are the ones that you just stair at, and wonder what to do with.  Some of it you need, but you don’t really have a good place for it.  I just toss it into a bin.  If you cant find the doo dad…go look in THE BIN.  It’s almost always there!

I hope I survive!  Call 911 if you don’t see me come up for air.

I hate garage sales!

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One Response to “Garage Sale Biting Off More Than I Can Chew”
  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I hate garage sales too, that’s why I usually just put those items out by our curb with a sign that says this is free if you want it you can have it.
    Often people will still knock on the door and ask if it’s really free, and I’ll say yes, but you have to haul it away.
    In the past we’ve done that with a couch, a recliner, a rocking chair, a book case, boys clothing, some books, some boys toys. Everything else pretty much gets used to death and is then just put in the trash can. We used to donate to the Salvation Army, but we don’t live near them anymore. They will come and pick up items on certain days, but I never remember the dates so that doesn’t work. As far as furniture and such they usually won’t take it anymore. They are super picky now, so we just put the stuff outside. If it ever does not get taken that way, then we’d haul it off to the dump, but so far everything has been taken. I actually think some of it gets taken by the lady across the street who does do about six yard sales a year. No kidding, she does so many yard sales it’s crazy.

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