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Both of the boys love playing with legos, but one of my sons his a fanatic about them!  Before he got a bunch of them for his birthday, I was busy trying to pre-plan ways in which I could keep them together and organized to avoid stepping on them in the middle of the night and losing sets before we even got started.

On any given day we can spend an hour or two sitting around the big bin of legos on the floor building an ice cream shop, a construction vehicle, or anything that their little minds can imagine.  For their birthday, I got them the legos wheel set, so they could put wheels on anything, and got some of the basic brick sets.  Growing up I didn’t have legos, mainly because it was considered mostly a boy’s toy I guess, but now I find myself enjoying digging through the lego bin with both of my boys.

The best part about having legos, is that there are no rules if you don’t want them.  You can build an alien, or a house or whatever your mind can imagine, or you can try your skills at building one of the bazillion and very cool sets they have to offer.  The boys both turned four, and they love the smaller legos vs the duplo sets, and the best part is they grow with your child.  I love toys like that!

Check out my son working on his garage and ice cream store.  I think for being 4 he is doing quite well!

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