My Ultimate Family Vacation

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Do you ever dream about where you would want to go if you travel? Often times, being a family of 4, it is a financial burden to take a vacation. If I could dream up the perfect vacation, I think it would involve taking a Disney/adult cruise to Alaska to view the Northern Lights and do some whale watching. I have always wanted to photograph some of the most beautiful places in Alaska. Being a mom, I would love for it to be a fun vacation for my boys where they could enjoy some of the fun activities that would appeal to them, but not take away from enjoying the vacation as an adult. I would take my parents with us, because we have never formally been on a vacation together when I was growing up, so I would love to give that to them as a gift. I would spend a few days on whale watching expeditions, since this is a passion of mine and I went when I honeymooned in New Zealand. I would photograph the glaciers, and take pictures of sunsets over the lakes and fiords. I couldn’t think of a more perfect vacation than that. It would be a place where the boys could have fun, but we could relax. I think vacations should be about your passions and the things you love in your life, including your family!

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  1. My husband would love to go on a cruise. I’ve never been on one, and am kinda scared I would be seasick the whole time!

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