I’m A Little Grayer

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Sometimes being a parent is tough, but it’s even more difficult when your babies are sick.  Both of my kids have been sick, in fact, our entire family has been sick with something for about two weeks now.

I have never had a personal experience with asthma, but my husband has had it his entire life.  One of my lil ones only gets flare ups whenever he has a respiratory infection.  It isn’t all of the time, but these flare ups happen once or twice a year.  Earlier this week, he started to cough and in less than 12 hours, he was having a very hard time breathing.  I whipped out the nebulizer, and was prepared to ride it out with round the clock breathing treatments and an initial dose of steroids until I could get to the Dr.   If you are a mom, you know that when lil ones are sick, you rarely sleep.  When my lil one starts in with breathing issues, I am afraid to even close my eyes.

This time he decided to scare us even more, when after three breathing treatments at the Dr’s office we were told to head to the hospital.  When we arrived, they gave him several more treatments and a steroid dose that you would give a moose!  I was beginning to worry because after that he had minimal change.  When the Dr came in he said they were going to continue to give treatments until he responded.  If you know anything about albuterol, it makes them shaky, hyper and your heart races.  I’m thinking whoaaaaaaa they are going to put my kid in cardiac arrest!

It is always hard because you are worried sick, yet you don’t want your kids to pick up on it.  Thankfully, we finally got to all go home and my bubs is improving and breathing much easier.  But, I however, am a few hairs grayer and have politely requested that he stop scaring his mommy that way.

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One Response to “I’m A Little Grayer”
  1. Scary. I hope your all feeling better soon.

    when my daughter was younger we found out that something in the steroid treatment was either not working for her or she was just not responding to the breathing treatments after 4 days in the hospital. THEy started her on a puffer with a tube that I would puff it into and she breathed it in that way. This worked so much better for her and she was released from the hospital the next day.

    I hope your little one feels better soon.

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