When Good Goes To Worse

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I have been missing in action here on my blog because I think our family has acquired some of the worst kung foo goo (what I call illness), that we have ever gotten to date as a family.

It all started with our blissful excitement about our recent trip to Disney World and the Disney Social Media Moms conference, which I have lots to report, yet haven’t been able to crawl out of my bed long enough to think about writing.  Things were going great whilst in Florida and the weather was unbelievably beautiful and perfect.   About five days into our trip, it happened and it almost always happens after our trips to Disney.  One of the boys said his throat hurt.   My husband and I just looked at each other and said the inevitable “uh oh.”

We swore this time would be different, armed with every kind of hand sanitizer from portable stuff on our keys, wipes in our backpacks, and quite possibly a  full out stock in the stuff.  We were vigilant about keeping the boys from over touching hand rails, and I even went as far as wiping off handles on the rides.  This failed miserably as everyone had this cough, what I call the “Disney” cough.  It seemed like every third kid, had this wretched cough.  I am far from a germ-a-phobe, but this place scares me in terms of my kids getting sick!   One of my sons has asthma so a respiratory infection throws him into serious problems if we aren’t right on top of things.   Luckily, we had his nebulizer, and emergency steroids, otherwise we would have been grounded in Florida at some foreign hospital and no cars.  So kid number one is out for the count and kid number two (asthmatic), is quickly heading downhill, and then throw me in the mix.  We all were feeling miserable the last two days of our trip.  We all had fevers, sneezes, aches and we slept all day in our hotel room.  We were able to barely make it home.

The following morning, I woke up feeling like I couldn’t move, and managed to drive myself to urgent care, where I discovered I had a fever of 102.5 (I felt bad, but didn’t realize I was this HOT!).  They told me they were going to test for the flu, and this is where it dawned on me that I didn’t get the flu shot.  So they rammed this swab up my nose and in 15 min, people come into the lil room wearing masks and handing me a prescription for an anti viral and cough medicine.  Influenza B, which isn’t the type we get vaccinated for, everyone at home was doing better but still had the flu, just not as bad as me (GREAT!) because they all had the vaccine.  Five days later, I was back at the doctor, with possible pneumonia and sinus infection (apparently secondary infections are common).  So now I am horse pills, the boys appear to be improving, when the first one that got sick starts throwing up and crying about his throat, the other is running fevers again and tests positive for the flu (duh!),  they send me home say watch him, if he gets worse come back in.   Both kids are miserable, I am finally getting better on my horse pills, and now waking ever 1 hr with crying puking children, and fevers that won’t quit.  The asthmatic gets better for 3 days and suddenly wakes up screaming about his throat and has a new fever kill me now!

So Monday, I say enough is enough, and threaten to my husband that I refuse to leave the doctor until they fix my children.  Turns out, the first kiddo has a double ear infection and strep throat, my asthmatic has strep throat now as well.  So now we are all stocked with antibiotics and a new found hope that we will soon improve (about 3 weeks after this all started).  Disney is magical, but I may hesitate on my next visit, either that, or I will have to dress us in space suits.

So my bloggy friends, this is where I have been, under the covers, baking next to both of my really hot children and praying that this will all be over soon.  I am expecting to be running at full recovery mode very soon!



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4 Responses to “When Good Goes To Worse”
  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Yep, not all viruses are on things you touch. Many viruses are inhaled.
    A cough not covered can spread viral germs out up to about 16 feet and take several minutes to land depending on wind and temperature of the air.
    So when you’re around tons of people, like at an amusement park, there is a much higher risk of catching something if you’re immune system isn’t at peak condition. Besides, the flu vaccine doesn’t cover every virus out there every year. The flu vaccine each year changes to have in it the things the CDC anticipates will be a problem in a given year.
    I’m glad you’re all on antibiotics at the same time too now, because it’s a real drag when Doctors don’t get the whole family on them at the same time.
    I mean get one person well to only catch it all over again from another family member.
    I used to like my pediatrician when I was a kid. If one of us kids was sick he gave my mom a script that would cover all of us kids at the same time. He said otherwise my mom would keep coming back in with each kid and it would kill our budget, and we’d just have what he called Merry Go Round sickness in our family, one getting sick and then giving it back to one that just got well.
    Hope you all get better soon.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    Soooo true, the stuff just seems to keep getting passed back and forth. I considered wearing little masks like they do in china next time we go to an amusement park!

  3. Katie says:

    ugh, so sorry. I hope that everyone is doing much better really soon.

  4. Oh, I hate that you guys got so sick. I will admit that this is the first time we haven’t. We usually all come back sick….nature of being around a gazillion people I guess.

    I go overboard since we have asthma too – I clean our seats/area on the airplane, clean the hotel rooms myself, and then don’t worry too much at the parks. It worked this time.

    Get better soon!

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