At The Playground

April 14, 2011 by  
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Yesterday, was a beautiful day, so we took the boys to get dinner and we brought it to the park for a little picnic of sorts. My husband and I were sitting on a bench talking about various things. We have been trying to teach the boys that it isn’t nice to interrupt mommy and daddy when we are trying to talk. So far it only works about none of the time, but they are only 4, so I figure this may get better.

So one of my boys comes up to us on the playground and we are talking.

We say to him “just a minute mommy and daddy are talking.”

Lil Man: “I don’t want you to talk, you need to be bugged right now.”

All we could do was laugh. How do you not laugh at that? LOL Apparently it is his rightful duty to “bug us.”

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One Response to “At The Playground”
  1. Dee says:

    LOL! My kids are always cracking me up with the things they say!

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