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I can remember when I used to freak out when the boys got hurt.  One time when they were toddlers, one of the boys pulled a chair down on them and a goose egg grew the size of a golf ball out of his head.  I can remember sitting on the floor next the freezer with a bag of frozen peas hysterical.  I think I was crying just as much as he was, of course I think it was the ice on his forehead more than the bump.  I think you hate to see your babies getting hurt.

The first two years, I went into states of panic whenever I heard that blood curdling scream that was a telltale sign they were hurt.  I lost most of my ability to think relatively straight and was in a motherly state of distress.  Year three, was a little better, I still ran like I was in a marathon to get to them, and my heart felt like it would pound out of my chest.

Parenting, seems to season you though, like a well marinated steak.  Now that the boys are 5, I don’t tend to run in a state of panic when they skin a knee.  I stop and survey the situation, get the injured inside and arm myself with Batman or Phineas and Ferb band aids.  I no longer go into cardiac arrest and I hardly ever cry and in a matter of a minute, the boys are off playing again.  But, even still, as a Mom, I always have that flutter of anxiety always waiting to surface, for the big things, but thankfully I don’t go all sorts of crazy at the normal bumps and bruises anymore.  It’s amazing what five mommy years can do to you!



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3 Responses to “Seasoned”
  1. I find as my daughter gets older, I worry less and less about those little things. It’s like we get used to them!

  2. It does get a bit easier each year, but as they get older there are new (bigger) things to worry about.

  3. Tammy says:

    I only panic when I see blood.

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