November Is National Bread Month!

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Bread is a staple in our house.  We can sometimes go through up to four loaves of bread in a week.  My husband likes to eat bread plain, toasted, and with sandwiches and I am always making sandwiches for the boys to pack in their lunch.  Bread is one of those things that can be versatile in meals and even recipes.  In fact, it is a primary ingredient used to stuff our Thanksgiving turkey with.

Bread is one of those things that we don’t think much about, since it has sort of been around for a very long time. This year marks the 250th anniversary of the sandwich.  History has it that in 1762, Sir John Montagu – the 4th Earl of Sandwich – requested his dinner meat be served between two slices of bread and thus, the sandwich was born.  Besides the history, sandwiches are one of America’s favorite things to eat.

A recent survey  by the Grain Foods Foundation and conducted online by Harris Interactive® indicates that more than a third (41%) of American adults eat sandwiches up to six times a week, and more than 60% of American adults eat a sandwich at least once per week.  I personally love eating sandwiches, they can be eaten cold or warm and is a really great comfort food.  With my children, it is one of the most asked for things when it comes to packing their lunch, whether it is a peanut butter and jelly or my favorite a ham sandwich.


About the Grain Foods Foundation

The Grain Foods Foundation, a joint venture of members of the milling, baking and allied industries formed in 2004, is dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of the beneficial role grain-based foods play in the human diet and a healthy lifestyle. Directed by a board of trustees, funding for the Foundation is provided through voluntary donations from grain-based food companies and is supplemented by industry associations.  For more information about the Grain Foods Foundation, visit, or

But, besides just being yummy, bread contains whole grains which are a good source of fiber and complex carbohydrates and is low in fat.  Enriched grains are also a good source of complex carbohydrates and are one of the major sources for iron and folic acid in our diets.

To help celebrate National Bread Month, Celebrity Chef Bryan Voltaggio has created some delicious recipe creations.  Sandwiches such as Banana, PB, and Honey, or the Pastrami Reuben are just a few of the recipes featured.  Some of my most favorite sandwiches are the turkey, avocado and provolone panini.  Since becoming pregnant, I crave a good hot sandwich at least twice a week.  However you like to eat your bread, it is one of those foods that is essential to the American diet, and is a great contributor to a well balanced diet.  I can’t imagine a life without it either, whether it finds itself in a recipe, or just being devoured in something as simple as jelly and toast.

What’s your favorite sandwich recipe?  Create something new to celebrate National Bread Month


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Not A Typical Where Have I Been Post

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I guess it has been awhile since I have posted anything personal on my blog.  Life has been crazy over the past months, and I honestly don’t know where to begin.  The boys started school, so that has had me running a whole lot more than I am used to.  It seems like once they start school you are running to a classroom event, here and there and then plopping down at the table to look at some form of homework.

With all of that though, I must say I am enjoying seeing what they are doing and how much they are learning.  I keep their art work, and love when they talk about their day.  Kids tend to see the world with a much greater enthusiasm.

I turned 39 back in February, and I honestly didn’t feel much older.  I also can say, that I am not one of the typical people that dread turning 40.  I guess it is because my children are still young, so I have to keep the old lady blues out of my repertoire.  This year has brought a really nice surprise with it however.  I am happy to say that doublebugs is growing, and not going to be so double anymore!  Sometime in May, we will be welcoming our third child into our family!  And even more exciting, is that we are having a little girl.  Before finding out I was pregnant, I could only dream about all the pink ruffles, bows, and shop for everyone else who had a girl.  Now, I am in seventh heaven because not only do I get to shop, I get to experience that special relationship between mom and daughter.  It was a chance that I didn’t think I would have.

I hope to be updating you more as the time goes by.  I abandoned my blog for a little while because I mostly had my head in the toilet but for good reason.  I can’t wait for you to meet our little girl.