Basement Flooding *Update*

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Well after working from morning till night, we have managed to get up all carpets of any kind in our basement. We went to the store and bought about 20 plastic bins to put everything that was in cardboard boxes. I was amazed at how much water a cardboard box holds!

We had to get a wet/dry vac to clean up a lot of standing water and I must have emptied that thing about 40 or 50 times. In the process of cleaning the basement, I did something to my shoulder. Now I can barely move and even bending hurts my shoulder, and lifting a fork causes great pain! I am hoping that it is gone soon, otherwise I will be off to the doctor.

We managed to haul a whole garage full of trash up from the basement and the guys who come by to pick up our garbage are going to hate us lol. After everything was in bin, I bleached the floors, and half way up the walls to make sure we had no chances of growing mold. My husband had two carpets that we wanted to save, so they are out sunbathing to kill anything in them and I sprayed them down with lysol. I opted for new rugs but in the effort to save money we are going to try and salvage these two small rugs.

It seems like if anyone sneezes the power goes out here so we have discussed that we definitely need a generator so this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in the future especially since we will be building a room down there soon! Needless to say, I am exhausted and we still have some things left to do, but we have it all cleaned and it actually looks so much better. I had not planned on doing much of anything this weekend but shows how much I know!

Woe Is Me

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So I have been missing in action because I have spent my entire day, dealing with a power outage. It seems like when anybody sneezes around here the power goes out. Today we had a massive storm come through which wiped out our power for about 6 hours.

As a result of the outage, I had no phone and two toddlers that were hungry so we headed out the door. first I had to get the garage open which as you know has to be manually lifted because there is no garage door opener when the power goes out. I couldn’t cook because we have an electric stove and I didn’t want to open the fridge to keep our food from going bad. I think since we have lived in this house we have lost 4 or 5 freezers worth of food! Grrr.

The best part about the whole outage is that our sump pump, which you guessed it, runs on electricity was not working for 6 hours. When the power went back on, it dawned on me that the pump was going more than I am used too. I go to my basement and its got about 2 inches of water covering the entire place. So this is what we will be doing this weekend! We have carpets down there, we have boxes of things ruined and my husband has all the computer stuff. We have had to throw a lot of it away. I need to go to bed ugh! Calgon take me away!!!

How Does My Garden Grow?

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When we moved to our house, I was so excited to have our own yard, and our own house so we could plant the things we wanted and paint the walls etc.  I have always wanted to try my hand at a vegetable garden, and we have been in this house for almost six years now.  I originally planted a garden, and put some outrageously tall fence around it to keep the deer out.  After about one season if that and not growing much of anything, I took the fence down.  It was too difficult to get in and out to work in there.

So after that failed, I just planted in the 8x10ft plot and discovered that all the water from the other yards drained into my garden and half of it was a swimming pool!  So I put up with everything not growing or dying for another two years.  Then the boys were born and I decided to just give up on what I affectionately called the dirt box.

So this year, I got a wild hair to try and give this garden thing a go again.  The boys are older so they play in the yard, and I was bored.  So, I decided to cut the size of the garden in half, fill the existing half to the brim with the soil from the other side, and plant grass where the rest of the box used to be.  When we first moved in I read all about raised bed gardening and went in armed with a perfect vegetable garden depicted in my head.  Well that garden, is now a distant memory.

So this year, I have planted lettuce, spinach, a few strawberry plants, two tomato plants, and two pepper plants.  I will attempt maybe a few corn stalks, green beans, and carrots, and cucumbers.  My last try at carrots resulted in carrots that were 1 inch long and looked like BB’s.  The only thing I hate about the garden is the weird bugs and creatures it attracts, and I hate bugs!  I am now armed with spray for those bugs, some scent barrier for the deer and rabbits, and fertilizer spikes for the soil.  I have planted the strawberries, the peppers, the tomatoes, the lettuce and the spinach.

The last time I planted lettuce and spinach nothing came up out of the ground and I was rather disappointed.  It was a little disheartening to see nothing.  This year, I am already doing the happy dance,a nd I have pictures to prove my gardening prowess, lets only hope that they continue to grow!  My peppers and tomatoes, shriveled up a little but appear to be bouncing back do to a night of cold weather, but I think im on the road to success.  That and I vowed to water this thing as much as possible.  Yes I know a garden needs water, but as a busy mom I have to remember to go out and do it  lol!



I am determined!

Site In Progress

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Along with my changing age, I am currently in the process of changing my site.  So, if you notice things looking a little  bit crazy for the time being, it is because I am trying to get comfy in my new digs.  I am really liking the new layout and am totally excited about it.  It will be a refreshing change from what I am used to.

Today we celebrated my birthday and I went out to lunch with my best friend and it was so nice to just go out minus any kids.   We then did a little window shopping and sort of browsed around and bought a few little things.  We all had dinner at the Japanese steakhouse and the boys loves it!  They had so much fun watching the chef throw things around and they were really good.  So, all in all, it was a great day.

Potty Training

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Potty training will be our next big hurdle. Both of the bubbas are just now showing some interest in the potty.  Since I have two of them to potty train, I am a little nervous about jumping right in.  It is hard to say if they will sort of watch and learn from each other or if each one will sort of move at their own pace.

It has been fun around the house lately with two boys running around.  Their newest thing is to take off their diapers and run naked as a jaybird through the house.  If you’re lucky and super fast.  you might catch one of them!  This is where being a mommy can get a little hairy.  One afternoon I was going to the bathroom and usually I have one or both in the bathroom with me, because we all know mommy can’t pee alone.  Anyway, I just went in the bathroom for a minute.  I hear the two of them laughing and playing and bubs goes driving by on his trike.  I think nothing of it because he had his shirt on.  I didn’t notice that the diaper was off till he came around the corner.  I’m thinking about grabbing the duct tape next.

I am thinking that they are getting close, but the pediatrician and my sister-in-law told us to look closer to three years of age before they are potty trained.  My husband and I aren’t really pushing the issue, but we have a potty chair in each bathroom.  If they ask to sit on it, we just say ok. and let them sit their with a book.  Sometimes we get lucky with the timing and raise a ruckus and clap and praise them if they do something.  I am praying for it all to be easy. But we shall see!  I will keep you updated as we move along, it is so hard when you have two at one time and you are a first time parent learning as you go.

Fever Fever, My Monkey is Sick

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Well it is that time of the year, and we have been somewhat lucky on the sickness front.  But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.  Monkey is sick with a fever and runny nose and I have been sniffling all day.   I am praying that this is just a quick moving virus but I should be so lucky.   Usually with monkey, he will get the runny nose and fever and it rapidly turns into a situation where he is in need of a breathing treatment.

I hate to see my little bubs sick, you can just see it in their eyes.  They get that glassy look that my mom always told me I used to get when I was sick.  They rarely complain but you can just tell they are miserable.   After I gave him motrin his temp went down to about 100 and he was playing but not his boisterous self.  It is going to be a long night so I am off to bed because I know I will be up at least a few times to prop my little guy up so he can breathe!   Humidifier is going full blast, and the nose drops are on hand.  Off to do mommy high alert duty!

A change is coming

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I am just popping in after a really long day with two very wild children.   I was planning a  much larger post but I am afraid that my eyes aren’t going to stay awake for that one.  I just wanted to tell you all that I am really excited about an upcoming change here at DoubleBugs.   I have some really cool things planned for my site and am looking forward to the change.   Keep an eye out because I am getting new duds!  I am hoping that the new site will be easier to navigate, be much brighter and bolder, and make a statement.  Blogging has become such a passion of mine that I want  to reflect that in my new site.  I am not giving any set date or time, but come back often and check up on me.  I love change!  Ok off to bed…mommy duty will be back knocking at my door bright and early!

Superbowl Sunday

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Anyone watching the Superbowl?  We just started here at 9pm because my husband recorded it.   Me, I am not really into the  Superbowl.   The commercials are really entertaining and I think one of my favorites is the first Doritos commercial.   I laughed so hard at that, because that would be just my luck.   It was hilarious.

So, for right now I don’t know who one, and well truthfully I don’t really care  LOL.  I am so tired after grocery shopping, bathing our dog, getting the kiddos to bed, that well, football is farthest from my mind.   Am I the only one who doesn’t get much from watching the Superbowl?   I told my husband that all it is, is the same thing you see all season just more hype, he gasped at my statement  lol.

Here is me…well his head looks big, she can’t sing, is it hot in here?, I need brownies, did you close the garage honey?, where’s my camera?, this is boring, I am going to bed.

Enjoy the Superbowl, not sure who won but I loved the Doritos commercial!

A Toddler’s Creative Way to Remedy a Stuffy Nose

January 10, 2009 by  
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So over the last week the boys had colds.  For Christmas, they got a workbench from Grandma and Grandpa, and a whole bunch of  tools.   This seems to be their new thing, and they use anything and everything as a tool to work on their cars and even mommy’s feet (I guess they think they need help).

I was cleaning up some dishes in the kitchen and bubs was quietly playing with his power screwdriver, when I peeked around the corner to see what he was doing.  When I looked, I instantly had to hold back my laughter and ran to get the camera!   I guess this is one way to relieve a stuffy nose!   Too Funny!

Happy New Year

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I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope that 2009 is a good one filled with great and wonderful changes! I hope to be back in the swing of things here on my blog on Monday. The holidays are always a hectic time for people and mommies especially. I think I have been in fast forward for the past month now.

We are all down sick at the moment with the exception of my husband. Today we took Monkey to the urgent care because he had labored breathing and a high temperature. They had to give him a breathing treatment and put him on steroids for 5 days. I have already noticed a major difference. Poor thing was exhausted and so was mommy because we were up every hour last night. I hope this means we are turning the corner. It is just incredibly hard when they are sick.

So I am hoping that this is not indicative of how 2009 will be. I am looking forward to great things in my life and here on my blog. I am determined to stay really motivated. I don’t typically make any resolutions simply because it sets you up for failure on day one. I prefer to think of them as aspirations and ideals that I wish to achieve at my own pace. That way when I don’t achieve them I can look forward to continuing to try and meet the challenge. I think it presents in a more positive light and then you just don’t have that resolution looming and you don’t have to feel bad…I think it just has a negative effect on your self esteem. So here’s to all those great aspirations! Ive got lots to look forward too…how bout you?

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