Gossip On The Playground

February 27, 2009 by  
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9248we-re-not-gossiping-posters-1I have always been the sort of person that has been a little on the reserved side and have always been a little picky on who I make friends with.   I guess it all goes back to the horrid childhood I had when I was the center of everyone’s ridicule.  I was affectionately named big birtha in my tender teen coming into puberty years, simply because I developed a little faster than everyone else.  It is one of those things you sort of never forget.

If you do make friends with me then I am one of those true blue types, and if you screw up once, maybe ill forgive you but do it again and you’re history.   I guess you could say it is a form of protection that sort of dates back to all those playground moments where everyone thought they were better than everyone else.

So this brings me to Wednesday where my husband and I took the boys to the firehouse to the playground.  It was a relatively warm day and when you have boys, they need all the energy release they can get.   My husband and I decided to divide and conquer, he kept tabs on one, while I the other.   There were these two women who seemed glued to each other and their mouths were non stop.  I had passed by several times chasing monkey, and helping him cross the jungle gym when I overheard them ranting and raving on about someone elses child.   They were hot and heavy into it and I was just really bothered by it.   What gives them the right to make someone’s kid the topic of their discussion where everyone can hear?  I mean seriously, are their children that perfect?

Then I am thinking to myself, these are going to be the people I may need to converse with. when my two finally do go to school?   And to make matters worse the discussion revolved around a kids learning disability!   Meanwhile, one of the women’s two year old was running around in a poopy diaper that you could smell for miles for the entire hour I was there.   Maybe she needs to spend a little more time focusing on her own!  I told my husband that I fear the day the boys go to school because I dont want to meet these people in the hallway.

Why on earth would you want to make matters worse by talking about a child who probably already has to deal with this sort of thing from their peers without a label from people who are supposedly adults?  And these people are mothers?