Little Surprise For My Birthday

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You know those people that always seem to be lucky?  I have never been one of those people that is often randomly surprised by things.   I have always thought that a random winning or a random note in the mail was the cats pajamas for me.   It kind of picks you up and makes your day, week, month or year and gives you a little spring your step.

This year for my birthday, I was blessed enough to get a new laptop from my wonderful husband and a visit from the fairy hob mother.  My laptop was in desperate need of being replaced, and although it still worked, the cord was falling apart, the usb ports didn’t work and the mouse click button was broke.  Then I was pleasantly surprised by a random gift from the fairy hob mother, who blessed me with an unexpected gift of amazon money to spend.   How cool is that?  It was totally random and made my entire day.

Even if you haven’t been randomly gifted from an enchanted being, I think that there should be much more random gifting and happiness being spread in this world.  I have decided that I will pay this forward in some way.  Whether I send a letter to a friend, or send someone a gift that they weren’t expecting, random acts of kindness are great for the soul.

Maybe next year I will be blessed by all new appliances from a place like Appliances Online, I happen to think that all new stainless steel appliances would look stunning in my kitchen.   A girl can dream!




**I was randomly gifted by the Fairy Hob Mother, but this post you see here is all my own piece of mind**

Frigidaire My Final Take

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So after three months of using our new Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator, I have had a chance to discover all the features that it has and some of the things I think can be improved.   My overall impression is that this a refrigerator that I would probably give some consideration to buying.

Some of my favorite features include:

The performance lighting which keeps all my fridge’s contents clearly visible and just adds that extra special flair that you would want in a professional series refrigerator.

Ice and Water Filtration We use the water dispenser daily up to about 1 gallon or more a day and the water tastes great and doesn’t come out at a snail’s pace.  I love the crushed ice and it comes out fast and never once got clogged like out other fridge.  This is a definite plus!

No Slip Bin Liners I love this very small yet extremely useful feature.  Everything in my door typically bottles and such never slide around when the door swings open.  I love the fact that there isn’t a bunch of clanging together.

Wine /Can Rack I just love this feature, and the fact that you can store your cans in the door.  One thing that I would love to see is a place for your eggs in the door too!

The freezer has ample space in it, and I especially love the space on the shelf at the top.  You can slide a frozen pizza right in there and a few pints of your favorite Ben and Jerrys, or frozen juices and the door still closes!  I love the deep basket drawers and I seem to be able to fit a lot more in them.

Stainless Steel this is just one of those things that gives an appliance a classy look.  I love how easy it is to clean without any special cleaners and added extra fuss.

Spill Safe Shelves cleanup is very easy and spills stay contained which makes it easier to keep a handle on keeping messes cleaned up and no drips down to the shelves below.

Adjustable Space Wise Shelf this feature is nice in concept, but I felt like the handle or crank to raise and lower the shelf was a little on the flimsy side and somewhat hard to turn when there were things on the top shelf.  I do love the feature overall but the mechanics are a little rough around the edges.

Automatic Alerts At first,when I heard the beeping sound the fridge was making when the door was left open, I found it a bit annoying.  But after a few days with toddlers, I found this a useful feature.  Also,  if there is something in the way of the door, this is great for pointing that out.

Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers I love that the fruit and vegetable drawer has a separation in it,  the drawers to me seem a little flimsy, and the humidity controls take some adjusting in order not to freeze things.  It was mildly frustrating when  my meats and cheeses in the other drawer kept freezing, even with the control moved all the way over.  We had to raise the fridge a degree, which was no big deal as it kept everything cold enough.  But this may take some tweaking on Frigidaire’s part.

Overall this is a wonderful fridge with some really cool and useful  features, which is what you look for in an appliance that you use daily.  The space is great for it’s smaller size and definitely saves you some considerable time when putting way your groceries.  I love that there seem to be designated places for things.  It makes putting groceries away a much more efficient endeavor when you have a shelf for taller items, places to put cans, a fruit and vegetable drawer that’s divided.  It makes keeping things organized a snap.  The fridge itself is beautiful to look at and it adds that extra touch of class to your kitchen.  Not only is it a classy fridge but its a great energy saver which can cut your electric bill by a few extra bucks so you can fill your freezer with extra Ben and Jerry’s (ok ok so I like ice cream!)  Thank you to Frigidaire and Mom Central for giving me such a cool opportunity to be a test drive mom and to have this really wonderful appliance in our home for years to come!

“I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Refrigerator to facilitate my review.”

Frigidaire Test Drive Week Four

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We are finally settling in with our new Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator, and testing it to it’s limits indeed. Now that the newness has worn off, I am getting to know the new fridge a little more.  I am sure that, I am not the only one that keeps a refrigerator like we do in this house.  I guess you could say I am the stuff and run type and well organization in my fridge doesn’t happen very often.  You know the drill, you get home with a truck load of groceries, the kids need your attention and you stuff and run.  As long as it’s all in there, right?

This is embarrassing but this is what it looks like at the moment (oh shush, you know yours doesn’t look neatsy poo!  LOL)

I have to share one of the many little features that I love. When you open the doors on the Frigidaire, I imagine the heavens opening up and the choir beginning to sing with this great performance lighting it has.  You open the door and the lights ease on, and well, then I am reminded that I really need to organize this stuff better, but the effect still makes me happy.

Odor Control

With our new Frigidaire, gone are the days of having a box of baking soda taking up a little more of your extra space.  And let’s face it, we don’t always get to the leftovers sheepishly hiding in the back for the past four weeks, and last thing I want is to have that blast of stinky air in my face when I go for my favorite foods.  It has a wonderful little feature called the PureAir Ultra filtration system, and it seems to be working just dandy because I left half a pan of lasagna in there till it looked like something out of science fiction and you would have never known (you know you’ve been there, don’t pretend).  I guess it works!

Temperature Control
We have been busy stuffing as much as we possibly can into our new Frigidaire.  We have had some issues with the meats and cheeses freezing in the drawer and we are still determining how to make it to where that doesn’t happen by adjusting the temperature sliding tab for the meat drawer and by not having to raise the overall temperature of the fridge to 38 degrees, because we like our milk fairly cold in this house.  The freezer is working great and no issues there.

Energy Savings

We are big on energy savings in this house, and every little bit helps right down to the lightbulbs.  Typically your major appliances can suck the money right out of your pocket.  The good news is that,  Frigidaire just received the EPA’s prestigious 2010 Energy Star award for their “Swap and Save” Energy Star Promotion. This award recognizes Frigidaire’s commitment to smart energy management and its efforts to share the importance of energy efficiency.  If you want to see just how much money you will save with Frigidaire’s newest appliances, they have nifty way to calculate you energy savings at their site

Storage and Space

I am loving all sorts of cool new features in our new Frigidaire. I love having a place to put the soda cans in the door, and I love the fact that the fruit and vegetable drawer is divided in half. It seems like something simple, but it makes it nice for organizational purposes and keeping things separate. And the cherry on top has to be the adjustable shelf on top. All you do is turn the crank and you can raise and lower it. So you know the bottle of oversized grape juice that you bought that you normally have to strategically angle into your fridge and you cant put it upright? Well that is no more, with my new Frigidaire fridge, because if I need an extra inch or two all I have to do is turn the handle. And it can just as easily be moved back.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be working on better ways to effectively organize the fridge and take a look at how easy it is to clean.

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Refrigerator to facilitate my review.

I’m A Frigidaire Test Drive Mom!

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I was recently given a wonderful opportunity by Mom Central and the folks at Frigidaire. I am giddy with excitement to tell you, that I am a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom.  I am a proud member of Team Fridge. What does this mean?  Next month a pretty, new stainless steel professional line fridge from Frigidaire will be showing up at our house and I couldn’t be more excited.  I cannot tell you how many times I have drooled over them in the stores and now  I can hardly wait!!!!  Being a stay at home mom, makes getting a new appliance, a major excitement, because it is something I use every single day.

As part of this wonderful opportunity, I will be testing this fancy schmancy new fridge and reporting back to my readers on my findings and writing about my love affair with my new fridge (it could be better than Twilight *maybe*).  I am particularly interested in how this fridge compares to our current one.  Our fridge is only 7 years old, but things are starting to fall off !  I will be looking at things like temperature control, easy of use, how easy it is to clean, and maximum storage capabilities (we all know how stuffed a freezer can get).  I already whine about my current freezer, because the less I have to run down to the basement to the other freezer the better.

I am very excited and will be giving this fridge a rigorous mommy workout!  I can’t wait to share my thoughts.  Take a look at how pretty it is! Oh, and I can so see my Ben and Jerry’s sitting in my new freezer!

About Frigidaire

In 2009 Frigidaire introduced more than 250 new appliances , all designed with the idea of creating more time for us Moms. Standing behind its claim, Frigidaire offers a “More Me-Time Guarantee.” Moms will save a minimum of eight hours a month or their money back!

In addition, Frigidaire announced a new partnership in September with actress and philanthropist, Jennifer Garner.  The pair teamed up to launch the new Frigidaire line and to kick off the “Make Time for Change” campaign to support Save the Children.

Thier newest campaign to support Save the Children, called Spin & Win. Started January 18th. Guests can go to to play Spin & Win for their chance to win prizes including a new time-saving Frigidaire Affinity washer/dryer! Plus every day you take a spin, Frigidaire donates $1 to Save the Children as part of their $250,000 commitment.  I cannot think of a better way to support a wonderful cause and have fun doing it.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of you, so keep your eyes peeled for new posts about our new fridge from Frigidaire!

“I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Refrigerator to facilitate my review.”