What Is It With Bugs and Boys?

August 31, 2010 by  
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What is it with boys and bugs?  Why is it that, they must bring them to me like a cat brings you a dead mouse or a bird?

I am a girl!  And I do not like the creepy and the crawly, and somehow God had a sense of humor and gave me two very bug loving boys.  We have to search for worms in the garden and aptly name all of them.  Anything that has legs, we have to put in a cup or a jar and examine.  As long as there is a screen that separates me and the creepy crawly, I am ok, but sometimes I am not so lucky.

My husband laughs at me, when I am squealing out in the garden, and I am sure I amuse the neighbors with my arms flailing and me running from what may appear to them as the air. Thankfully, I do have boys and a husband and anything I see, they can go and get.  I guess you could say I have a pretty good set up!  Thank heavens for little boys, gloves, and bug spray.