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I sheepishly admit to ignoring a lot of things about my car. I am usually almost too busy to even think about the little things like keeping the windows clean and changing my wiper blades.
What I didn’t know was that you should be changing them at least twice a year! I don’t think that mine have been changed on my car in over two years.

As you can imagine having a good set of wiper blades is extremely important in the winter months and especially in the rainy season. I know without a good set of wipers on my car I can barely see in the rain and especially when its raining at night.

Clear visibility while driving is extremely important and can improve reaction times in poor weather conditions. In fact, according to a report released in June 2008 by sciencedaily.com, nearly a quarter of all automobile accidents occur in rainy and wet weather so making sure you have properly working wiper blades is important to help avoid accidents in poor weather conditions. By routinely checking your wiper blades and performing safety checks on your car you can help increase your safety while driving during inclement weather.

Since winter is not quite over yet here are some tips to stay safe while driving in the rain, snow, slush and ice:
• Conduct a regular walk around checking your lights, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and wiper blades regularly
• Ensure your tires are properly inflated and have sufficient tread
• As the temperature drops keep your gas tank at least half full; the extra gas reduces condensation that can plug your fuel line with ice and stall your engine in cooler weather
• Create an emergency pack; items like a blanket, first aid kit, snacks (I have snacks on hand anyway!), bottled water, an ice scraper, flashlight and a bag of kitty litter .


I just recently tried out the new RainX Latitude wipers , a bottle of Rain-X X-treme Clean glass and plastic renew-er, and a bottle of Rain-X Weatherbeater 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent and I must say that I love them. The RainX Latitude wiper blades have a contoured design that fits more snugly to your windshield to help remove snow, ice, and rain more effectively. They were a snap to put on which is a plus for car challenged people like me.

The 2-in-1 glass cleaner and rain repellent is excellent. I am amazed at what a difference it makes when it is raining outside. In stead of the rain completely coating my windshield it sort of just beads up and rolls off which helps a great deal for visibility when you are in a downpour.


RainX Latitude Wiper Blades

Easy Installation

  • For use on either originally installed standard or curved style wiper blades
  • Pre-installed with small j-hook adapter and contains multi-adapter for side pin, large j-hook and bayonet wiper blade arms
  • Rain-X Latitude® Version -2 wiper blades fit I&L (Insert & Lock) and PTB (Pinch Tab Button) wiper blade arms

High Performance Wipe

  • Contoured design applies even pressure along the entire blade length
  • Specially blended graphite coated rubber blade delivers the ultimate smooth, clean, chatter-free wipe
  • Built-in aerodynamic spoiler significantly reduces drag, noise and wind lift

Ice Resistant Frame

  • Prevents ice and snow build-up through the elimination of exposed metal components
  • Durable, rubber-encased substructure increases wiper flexibility and adherence to the windshield in harsh conditions

I will now be a little more vigilant in changing my wiper blades, because it makes such a difference!  I didn’t think that just changing your wiper blades would make such a difference.  It’s nice to be able to see out the window without feeling like the outside is a hall of mirrors.



On behalf of My Blog Spark and DoubleBugs we would like to give you the chance to win  1 Rain-X Car Care Kit . The kit contains: 1 set of Rain-X Latitude (for your make and model of car), a bottle of Rain-X X-treme Clean glass and plastic renew-er, and a bottle of Rain-X Weatherbeater 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent.

Here’s What You Gotta Do!

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