I Don’t Love You Anymore

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Since we have crossed over into the fours, it seems that the boys are getting more and more independent and a little more sassy.   If there is something that they don’t like in terms of me telling them what needs to be done, or something they can’t do or have, they have come up with their own reply, and their defense  LOL.

When they are mad at me, their reply is “Mommy I don’t love you annnnyyyyy more!”  I either reply with that’s ok, I love you still, or “Maybe you want a new mommy?”   Their immediate reply is usually, I love you mommy!

I can remember awhile back when we were at the zoo and one of them was mad because I said no to something they wanted, and he said “I hate you!”  I thought to myself, “and so it begins.”  Was I like this as a four year old (probably!), and I am not even to their teenage years.  Being new to this parenting thing, I am almost certain that this is a phase.  And who ever coined it the terrible twos, needs to re-evaluate and take a look at the terrible fours, because I think I might go out of my mind!

We are at a phase in their development where they want to do everything include make the rules, so every day seems to be a power struggle.  By the time my husband gets home, I have to run and hide LOL.  This is four. So much fun.

Baby Toys Ebeanstalk And Your Child’s Development

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childdevSince having the boys, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of choices that I never really payed too much attention to before.  I have always been concerned about their development and have been fairly selective in the toys that I choose, because I want them to get the most benefit from them.  To me there are junk toys and toys that actually teach them something.  I am a firm believer that not everything has to talk or be battery operated to be of learning value either.  I love places to shop that offer me information on selections based on appropriate age and development and gives parent a wealth of valuable resources, because we can use all the help possible.

Ebeanstalk is dedicated to a baby’s development. And they select the best baby toys matched to a baby’s development. To see great information on how a baby grows up, check out the info on their baby toys page.

Picking toys for a baby is not as simple as it sounds. Here are some quick baby facts:

  • Toys for a newborn baby: A newborn baby is briefly looking at objects and attempting to imitate facial expressions. They can follow objects with their eyes and usually quiet down, when they are picked up.
  • Toys for a three month old: They will enjoy ?frolic play’, reaching for objects and will repeat enjoyable activities. Believe it or not, they will respond to ?no’ (about half the time) and will start babbling.
  • Toys for a six month old: They’ll search for hidden objects (object permanence). They’ll reach for themselves in the mirror, play peekaboo, crumple paper, roll from their stomach to their back and even respond to their name.
  • Toys for a nine month old: They are pushing toy cars, playing pat-a-cake and looking for hidden sounds. The baby toys they are playing with are also getting more fun.childev

You can see how children’s play changes so drastically from month to month and year to year.  Play is such a valuable tool in encouraging their development that you want them to get the most out of it and get the most out of the money you are spending on toys. Ebeanstalk offers you all of these things in one place which makes it a great resource for parents and a great place to shop for your child.

There is a 15% discount on any first purchase at ebeanstalk — TGS345 — just enter the code at the shopping cart and give the perfect gift tailored for your special little someone!