All In A Days Work

April 16, 2009 by  
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Well, I have impressed myself yet again with my fix-it abilities.  I have never been one to sit and look at something for very long until I try and remedy the problem.  Last week the door to my dishwasher went crashing to the floor.  I guess there is this string or what looks like laundry cord weaved through these pulleys and attached to a spring that holds the door.

Thanks to the ever so wonderful internet and all it’s knowledge I went on a search to find out what part I would need to get this fixed.  I cannot be without my dishwasher! So after about and hour I ran across the part I would need and it was only $15!  Now I know if I had called a repair guy, it would have cost me about ten times more.

So fixer me, rolled up my sleeves, turned off the power to the dishwasher, unhooked the water hose, pulled that puppy out and fixed it.  In the meantime the dear husband watched from afar  lol!  In record time 30 min to be exact I had everything back in it’s place and my door works again.  I just had to share as I impressed myself with my dishwasher fixing prowess! Ha! fixer repair man…Take that!  Not bad for a girl as my husband would say.