My Husband Says It’s Evolution

July 30, 2009 by  
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Do you ever get this response from your dear husband?  I swear that this is the reason given for everything that goes on in our house and sometimes I just have to flat out tell him that he is full of crap.

In this house everything is somehow related to evolution.  House cleaning isn’t something he knows how to do because according to evolution men are hunters and gatherers.  This is why he doesn’t know how to clean the toilet. *rolls eyes*

The funniest one yet and the one I laugh at daily is why men cannot find things that are right in front of their face.  I am convinced that my husband doesn’t want to take the time or effort to actually look behind things or for things when he can pester me and I just get up and go find it.   My husband is always asking me where his things are, and I tell him it’s wherever he left it.  He states if he cannot see food in the refrigerator that he doesn’t know its there.  Hello!  Look for it.

Here is the theory…are you ready?  According to evolution there is a reason why men cant see things.  Unless the item is moving a man will pass over it, since by nature they are hunters.  So unless his wallet is doing a little jig he cant find it!  Unless the can of green beans isn’t shifting repeatedly in the pantry, nope he can’t find it.  Same thing for the hamper and his clothes.  I guess the next time you visit me all our stuff will be swinging from the chandeliers.  The note on the door will read:


I wonder what’s next in the chain of evolution.