Little Friend

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We had a little visitor today. We were eating breakfast and this lil guy/girl was right there in front of us. I had to grab my camera, the fawn was a little further away by then. This is why I love my backyard. Momma wasn’t far, I saw her in the woods. So pretty!

What Is It With Bugs and Boys?

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What is it with boys and bugs?  Why is it that, they must bring them to me like a cat brings you a dead mouse or a bird?

I am a girl!  And I do not like the creepy and the crawly, and somehow God had a sense of humor and gave me two very bug loving boys.  We have to search for worms in the garden and aptly name all of them.  Anything that has legs, we have to put in a cup or a jar and examine.  As long as there is a screen that separates me and the creepy crawly, I am ok, but sometimes I am not so lucky.

My husband laughs at me, when I am squealing out in the garden, and I am sure I amuse the neighbors with my arms flailing and me running from what may appear to them as the air. Thankfully, I do have boys and a husband and anything I see, they can go and get.  I guess you could say I have a pretty good set up!  Thank heavens for little boys, gloves, and bug spray.

Power Outage Where The Hell Is The Flashlight?

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I usually try not to complain too much, but I have a  beef about the power in our neighborhood.  Yesterday, our power went out for the the nine millionth billionth time in the 7 years that we have lived here in this house, which we had newly built.  The first  two years I panned it off as new construction etc.

Then as the years went on, we have been blessed by at least two good power outages a year, on a good year.  I have lost 3 freezers full of food, and have gotten one flooded basement from it.  If you have no power in the rain, the sump pump doesn’t go off and wahlah, flooded basement.

I find this all irritating.  Saturday we were feeding the boys their dinner in the dark.  It was well passed their bedtime, but we had to leave the house, because no one was going to bed.  The house is too quiet in a power outage, and even rolling over in bed sounds like a freight train running through, when the furnace isn’t blowing, the air purifier isn’t on….you get the picture.

We were totally unprepared for the power going out (clear skies, no wind, beautiful uneventful night), so we found ourselves tripping to find the flashlight.  Candles?  fresh out! I go through those like candy around here, due to the freaking power going out when you sneeze.  And as if that isn’t enough to tick this mama off, the garage door doesn’t open, yeah you have to manually open it to get the car out to go to the store to buy the extra flashlight you needed for the outage cause you lost the other one somewhere.

Never go to the store with your husband, because you could very well stand in the flashlight aisle for 12 hours deciding on LED or regular and answering questions like…How many lumens is it? Plus you leave with 6 cupcakes and two hot wheels (apology for keeping the kiddos up past their bedtime, who are now crabby as ever).  And, just as soon as you get home, half excited to try the new 800 hr flashlight, the power is back on, and you wonder why you left.

Electric people…are you out there?  Can you please get it right?  I shouldn’t have to be shopping for a whole house generator, and having to buy 3000 flashlights and candles.  Where do these things go anyway?  I still can’t find a blessed one of them.

Swamped With Things To Do

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I haven’t made it to my blog for very long this week since I am in preparations for Blogher in Chicago this week.  Sometime I wish that if I wiggled my nose everything would pack and organize itself.  To make matters worse the boys are extremely whiny and that makes getting things done next to impossible.

I can tolerate the shining for an hour or so but then that noise they make sort of reaches the core of your body and sound like nails on a chalk board  LOL!  They are about to turn 3 and they fight like siblings do.  The other day I was in the restroom and of course you never get a moments privacy, and they were arguing about one looking at the other.  Ahhhh hes looking at me! *rolling eyes*  Here I am trying to go to the bathroom, and I just tell them to close their eyes, then they go ahhh you’re looking at me!  Then I closed my eyes, now can someone please beam up please.

So I have not begun to pack yet for Chicago on Thursday, and I probably will be doing that at the last minute.  I have so much to accomplish, that its that paralysis by analysis thing, all I can do is stare at it all and feel overwhelmed.

On another note, one of my twins has successfully used the potty twice today  YAY.  I knew the no pressure to go potty would pay off.  I think kids do so much better when they are ready and express interest in doing it themselves!  It will definitely be a relief and save us about $100 a month!

Long Day

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Do you ever just have one of those days that seems to drag on forever? I was going to come in here and post, but never got the chance to actually sit down.

The morning was spent at the attorney setting up our wills and going over all the paperwork with both boys in tow. We then got home with lunch and they went down for a nap. Where I was and what I did after that was a complete blur and then poof the day was gone.

We made dinner, I ran to the grocery store, did a little gardening and then it was time to get the boys ready for bed. By the time I finally sat down, I didn’t want to do anything but vegetate. I have so much to get done, but, I think I need a day to sleep in!

When Kids Find Unidentified Objects

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My son comes up to me and says look what I found mommy and I am like, what is that?

Me:  Honey I dont know what it is, can you throw it away (i wasnt going to touch it)

My son:  But mommy what is it?

Me: I dunno, can you throw it away?

My Son:  Mommy is it poop?

Me:  Noooo (me re-analyzing this shriveled up whatever) honey it’s not poop, now go throw it away

My Son:  Well what is it mommy?

Me:  I don’t know

Gotta love the curious mind of a 3 yr old  LOL.  He finally threw it away but I wasnt gonna touch it.  I think it was something the dog brought in or a shriveled up whatever..who knows  LOL

Happy 4th Of July

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I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone  a safe and Happy 4th of July.  We spent the morning at a local parade and then headed off to do a little grocery shopping.

We decided that the fireworks were a little too late for the boys this year.  We had originally decided to take them tonight but it was sprinkling and they were crabby despite their late 2 hr nap.

I did a little dress shopping for Blogher and after trying on about twenty different items, I left with two dresses neither of which I really liked.  I bought them because they had all of them on clearance and I was afraid I would be without something if I didn’t at least have a backup plan.  What I would like to know is…why does everything have to be a sack if you are a little overweight.  Nothing has any shape to it, and everything looks like draperies.  I am in a size just above the normal racks at the store, and suddenly I am grandma who has to wear prints the size of Texas!  Cmon people I also like to be in style regardless of my waistline.  Pfft!

Look At My Baby Not Even 3 yrs Old

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Look at my baby, he isn’t even 3 yrs old yet and he is riding his Bike!!! How cool is that?

Finally Returning To Normal

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Just when I thought my life was leveling out and I was getting to where my house was clean and everything in its place, I decided to have   sale.  If you know anything about garage sales you know you have to temporarily tear things up to get it organized.  So after it was over, I vowed to have a weekend where I relaxed.

My plans were quickly dampened by a flooded basement.  We have finally gotten that squared away, sent out a mountain of trash from the flood (I am sure the garbage man appreciated that). And now, our basement is back to normal.  It is probably cleaner than it has been since we moved here!  You know that sense of satisfaction you get when its all done?  Tonight I stood in the basement and just took in how clean it was, but then I came upstairs and saw a big mess!  My job is never done.  So my relaxing weekend will be spent getting my upstairs functional and I hope that will be it for awhile.  I need a vacation.

They are smarter than we think

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So I was folding laundry and the conversation goes like this.

Me: Mommy asked you to please leave that alone.

My almost 3 yr old: No! *scowling face*

Me: Mommy doesnt like when you talk back like that

My almost 3 yr old:  I’m not talking back! I’m talking forward!

Me:  *trying my best from laughing*

They are smarter than we think!  So funny and so not.  What am I gonna do when he is a teenager  LOL.

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