Umi Shoes Fall Collection

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The air is crisp and all the kiddos are going back or have gone back to school.  It is still shorts weather, but a few days have been cold enough to break out the boys Fall weather gear.  I love to shop for them, and I love outfitting them from head to toe in some of the newest fashions.  Along with great fashion, comfortable shoes for kids are a must.

Umi Shoes is  my go to fashion for little feet.  Although, my two seem to be growing leaps and bounds, Umi has one of the cutest selections and some of the best children’s shoes in my opinion.  I am always eager to see their new Spring and Fall lineups each year, because they always have great new styles.  They aren’t afraid to change it up a bit where as when I walk into other kids shoe stores, they have the same thing virtually every time I am there.

About Umi Shoes (taken directly from their site)

At Umi they meticulously craft each and every shoe for the utmost in comfort and fit. Hands that simply know how to make a better children’s shoe. So, what makes a better children’s shoe? Years of experience working with age-appropriate lasts, patterns and buttersoft leathers give Umi a step up over everyone else. At Umi, all they make are children’s shoes, and they believe every step your child takes is as important as their very first.

At Umi, caring for little feet also means caring for the earth—which means they set their standards sky-high. Every shoe they make is tested for safety and durability and meets strict guidelines for child-safe materials. They use only non-toxic drum-dyed leathers and other environmentally friendly components. Protected in recycled packaging, Umi’s a brand sure to please parents and Mother Nature alike.

Shoes are made for much more than walking. Umi shoes are specially designed for the littlest and hardest working feet in mind. At Umi, our focus is on quality, comfort and style.

From years and years of hand crafting shoes for babies, boys and girls they’ve developed a deep understanding of materials, patterns, footbeds—the building blocks of creating the most comfortable shoes around.


This year Umi Shoes has some cute Fall styles for boys that include Caaden and Carrson, which are two very adorable half boot style shoes.  Caaden is a cute lace up style available in Taupe and Olive.  Carrson is another suede half boot that combines a great look, with a thick velcro closure which makes it easy for lil ones to get their shoes on and off.  Both of my boys tried them on and had a blast running and playing in their new kicks.  Usually they will tell me if  a shoe is uncomfortable and want them off right away, but this has never been the case with Umi Shoes.


All of their shoes offer about a half size growing room and ample cushioning in their shoes.  Kids can run and jump and play and Umi Shoes offers sturdy, flexible souls for growing feet.  Kids are known to give their footwear a vigorous workout, but I have never had a problem with Umi Shoes.   Often time they outgrow them after extensive wear and they still look practically brand new.

If you are looking for one of the best shoes for kids, I highly recommend investing in Umi Shoes.  They are incredibly  comfy for kids.  If you are like me, I want shoes that are going to hold up so I am not out buying more before the season even ends.  Umi Shoes are reasonable priced, incredible cute and well made.


Venettini The Creme De La Creme Of Little Shoes

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venettinilars1I must make a little confession about myself.  I never really paid much attention to anything related to fashion or clothing until I had my boys.  I am a bit of an old fashioned girl when it comes to dressing myself, and in fact it is rare that I go out and just buy myself things.  After having the boys , I suddenly gained this little obsession for buying kids’ shoes.

To me, there isn’t anything cuter than shoes for little feet and I get really excited when they outgrow their shoes because I know that I get to go out and shop for them again.  I have reviewed numerous styles of shoes over the past two years along with all the ones I purchased and my absolute favorite so far has to be Venettini shoes, and let me tell you why.

About Venettini Shoes

For almost 20 years, Venettini has been designing and manufacturing luxury children’s footwear with a large emphasis on fashion and style.

Founded in 1989, Venettini enjoys a strong cult following. The brand has grown organically and steadily under the management of Kinderland, Inc., a family business dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-end and luxury children’s footwear.

Fashion, fit, and comfort drive Venettini’s designs, and we will continue to make feet look good and feel happy.

Usually when I buy shoes it isn’t just the cuteness/style factor that I look for, but I look at whether or not this is a quality shoe.  I hate big and clunky shoes for kids because, they just tripvenettini1 over them and they get in the way.  Before I buy shoes in the store I will bend them, check the soles, and imagine if they would be comfortable for me to wear.  If you think about it, a 2.5 yr old might not be able to verbalize whether or not a shoe is rubbing funny on their feet, or if it hurts in a certain spot, so as a parent it is my job to choose wisely.  When I was first introduced to Venettini shoes, I was amazed at how light and flexible these shoes were and how stylish they are.  Each shoe is crafted so beautifully and I love putting them on my boys feet.  They even love these shoes too, and they almost always choose them first over all their other pairs.  I went into a bit of mourning when their shoes from the Fall collection started to get too small because they fit the boys so incredibly well and we got a lot of wear out these shoes.


Venettini’s newest Spring/Summer collection is to die for.  Each shoe is aptly named with a character all of it’s own. My favorites are Lars and Math, each with perfect detailing that makes these shoes the ones that will get noticed.  I love the Lars because it has a unique look of leather and faded browns in a textile material, that looks like faded jeans and they are adorable!  Outside of the adorable factor of Venettini shoes, they exude comfort for little feet and the quality is a perfect ten in my book.  I have seen a lot of shoes for kids and for me these are the creme de la creme for little feet.

If you are looking for shoes that make a statement and for shoes that will last and are comfortable for your child, then I would definitely splurge, and invest in a pair or three of Venettini shoes.  I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Venettini shoes can be found at and

Bunny Slippers for Mom

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I will have to admit that I am a sucker for all the fun slippers that you see when you are out shopping.  Just a couple of years ago my mom got me some ones that looked like big sneakers, and I have some fuzzy zebra striped ones too.  They are so comfy just to slip on.  I wear mine around the house when it is chilly and out to get the mail.  I am sure that I am a sight for the neighbors, but what is life if you can’t have fun?

When given the opportunity to check out Bunny Slippers, I was delighted at all their fun choices for slippers.  They have them for the whole family too.  They have such an adorable selection of bunny slippers, and they even have bunny slipper flip flops!  They have so many different kinds of slippers they I was finding it hard to choose just one that I like.  I love the lady bug slippers that I received because they are so bright and cheery and the boys even had to try them on.  They have slippers for young children, but it was nice to having something whimsical that is meant for me.

flip-hop-bunny-spa-sandal-1-lg1Their new bunny flip hop spa sandals would make a perfect gift for Mom or for anyone.  How fun would it be to get these for all your bridesmaids and hand them out at a spa day?  They are ultra comfortable and the bunny part is not overly obnoxious, but are just fun enough to add a little personality.  They also have some of the most adorable bunny slippers for tiny feet and these would make a really cute gift for a new baby.  If you have a fun personality or just want to be adventurous you should check out Bunny Slippers!