Is Your Toothbrush Making You Sick?

February 25, 2010 by  
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We just returned home from a wonderful trip from Disney, and we were all hit by yet another round of what I call kung foo goo or the sickies.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones who got the but from this trip.

I have always given my toothbrush the evil eye after I have been sick.  The other evening, as I got ready to brush the boys teeth as I always do, it dawned on me that this was and interesting question.  Do you change your toothbrush after you have been sick?  There are several answers that our out there, but the general consensus seems to be to change it after three months or after you have been sick.

Some say if you have had a virus, that you don’t have to change your toothbrush that your body builds up a specific immunity.  But most dentists and doctors say you should change your toothbrush because bacteria and fungus can live on your toothbrush well after you are up and running again and you can get sick again.

I have seen the new fangled UV toothbrush sanitizers, it looks pretty and all,  but I am a bit skeptical.  Either way, I change my toothbrush because all I have to do it think about brushing my mouth with germs and bacteria and that sort of takes care of it for me.

Do you change your toothbrush after you’ve been sick?  Or do you adhere to the 3 month change suggestion?

Flu Season? What Day Am I On?

October 8, 2009 by  
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I just realized that Wednesday has passed me by.  I am not sure how the heck that happened without me knowing about it.  I normally post my Wordless Wednesday and I had it in my mind that it wasn’t Wednesday yet.  I guess with no sleep and very sick kiddos and mommy, that we sometimes lose track of the days!

We took a visit to the doctor today, because both of my sons have been coughing, and one of them has been running a high fever for 3 days.  We went in and the doctor told us they are seeing some really bad viruses and that I can expect to see his fever possibly run for a few more days!  A few more days?????  We also asked about Swine Flu and she said that he could have it and there is no real way to tell other than some definitive blood test, that by the time we got the results back, he would be over it anyway.  I have been experiencing just general malaise and achy but no real fever, unless you consider delirium from lack of sleep, I am dragging right along.

Wake me up  if I am drooling on my keyboard, I love my HP laptop, but other than that please feel free to lend me a rock as a pillow.  Wish us luck and a speedy recovery!

Sick Sick Sick

October 5, 2009 by  
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Well we are getting sick again, and I am never leaving the house.  I told my husband that the parties we went to over the weekend were prime breeding grounds for some kung foo goo, I knew the boys would get something.  I know we can’t live our lives in a bubble, and I am not a paranoid person.  But I just hate that almost every time we go out to gatherings one of them comes home sick and then we are all sick.

The scariest part about this time, is that one of my boys has a high fever and he is under tons of blankets and still shivering.  I always worry especially since when he gets sick his asthma kicks in.  With all of these swine flu cases it always concerns you as a parent.  I’m praying this is just a passing virus.   Off to take care of my babies!

Sick For The Weekend

September 25, 2009 by  
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It never fails

It started out with the boys coughing and the typical runny nose.  It is funny how kids can just run around and play even when they are sick.  Even still, they seem to have their moments.  Forgive me if this is short but I have revisited my sleepless night when they were babies.  When little ones are sick, they toss and turn all night long.

Finally, when the boys are so exhausted they crash around 7 am and then sleep well into the morning which throws their entire schedule off.  There is one very good reason why I hate colder weather and this is it.  It brings in all the nasty sick viruses and everyone is trapped indoors.

My husband went to bed and he is sick and I am feeling it creep up on me.  I feel tired, and I know that means its coming my way.  It is not your normal tired but the one where you feel draggy and a little achy around the eyes and your head feels like its gonna explode.  No matter what, I am determined to ignore it, but who knows where I will be tomorrow.  If the tickle in my throat is any indicator, ill be croaking out my voice in the morning. *SIGH*  Thank goodness for my blog!