Imagination Movers Time To Get Moving!

March 29, 2011 by  
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The boys are huge Imagination Movers Fans.  The are always fixed on the tv when they are on and love the high energy and problem solving on the show.  I like it because I know it is a show that can be on and as a parent I don’t have to worry about surprise language and content.

Currently, the Imagination Movers are on tour here in the United States and in parts of Canada!  Also Choo Choo Soul has joined them to add to the fun.   When I heard that the Movers were coming, I quickly looked them up to see if they were coming to our local area as I knew the boys would enjoy it.  Not only are they touring but you can catch a concert on the Disney Channel, if you cannot attend the show.

We are going to the show, and I haven’t told the boys yet, but they are sure to be excited!   I know I am excited, because I have an excuse to go to the show  LOL.  What parents secretly don’t tell you is that they love going too.   There isn’t anything I love more than seeing my child’s reaction and how they light up when they have these experiences.   I cannot wait for the show!   Look for my review coming shortly.

You can look for an Imagination Movers tour date near you and bring your kids to join in on the fun!