Clothes Shopping, I Hate It!

July 2, 2009 by  
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Did I mention that I absolutely hate clothes shopping. Even worse I hate having to find a dress for a special occasion. I almost never feel comfortable, and half of the dresses I try on give the world a view of my cleavage. It is so depressing for me to shop.

I have just spent the last hour looking at page after page of clothes for plus size people. Now granted I am only one size away from being able to shop in the regular clothes shop, but why on earth do they make everything look like a sack? I know I am fighting the battle of the bulge here people, but I don’t want burlap folks.

I know there are people that just say lose weight and I intend on doing that, but for now, I need a dress! I need pants, and a few nice things, but I hate going to find it. I don’t know what looks good on me and there isn’t anyone here to tell me. You can ask the husband and everything looks fine to them. What do you think hon? Looks fine to me babe! Gee thanks pffft!

Time Outs For Mom

February 3, 2009 by  
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Ever wonder what you did with your time before you had kids? Since having my two, I often wonder exactly that. It seems that there aren’t enough hours in my day anymore, and I find myself wishing for a spare eight on days like today.

You need a time out:

When you have a safety gate in place at the bottom of the stairs and your toddler has made it up the stairs (in spite of your preventative efforts) and has managed to climb on the outside spindles and is dangling at the top. In turn giving mom a heart attack.

When you are stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper trying to describe to your toddlers exactly where to find it. They brought me a diaper instead. I suppose if it were my size it would do the trick! I later got a soggy roll, that had been dropped in the other toilet, but it made me smile.

But seriously, you need to take some “me” moments when you are at home with your children all day. It will make you a much better mom in the long run. I am slowly beginning to understand that it doesn’t make me a bad person for wanting or taking a moment for myself. I have also come to the conclusion that going to the grocery store, is not a time out for me. It is a chore to go to the store, but for some, that may be a good thing to do.

Tonight, when my dear husband got home, I let him play with the boys, and I went into our bedroom, locked the door, and watched 30 min of a tv show in the dark on my laptop, then I took a hot shower. That 45 min to myself made a huge difference in how I handled the rest of the evening. I was much less crabby, the boys weren’t crabby and both my husband and I got to enjoy their bath and bedtime because, I wasn’t running around to get a million things done plus my shower. Everything was done, and I got to enjoy our family time.

Sometimes I just close the door and sit in the dark and cry, but even crying has its benefits. The best time out I have ever had was in a dark room where I cried because I loved my boys so much and couldn’t imagine life without them, and how truly thankful I was for all the stress, all the laughs and how much they have changed my life. Hormonal I guess lol.

This is why time outs are so important. And what you do for a tim eout is strictly up to you. They make you a better mommy, they make you more thankful for your life and your family, and give you a chance to reconnect with yourself and motivate you to get through the next day. Take a deep breath and take a moment for you!