Sick For The Weekend

September 25, 2009 by  
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It never fails

It started out with the boys coughing and the typical runny nose.  It is funny how kids can just run around and play even when they are sick.  Even still, they seem to have their moments.  Forgive me if this is short but I have revisited my sleepless night when they were babies.  When little ones are sick, they toss and turn all night long.

Finally, when the boys are so exhausted they crash around 7 am and then sleep well into the morning which throws their entire schedule off.  There is one very good reason why I hate colder weather and this is it.  It brings in all the nasty sick viruses and everyone is trapped indoors.

My husband went to bed and he is sick and I am feeling it creep up on me.  I feel tired, and I know that means its coming my way.  It is not your normal tired but the one where you feel draggy and a little achy around the eyes and your head feels like its gonna explode.  No matter what, I am determined to ignore it, but who knows where I will be tomorrow.  If the tickle in my throat is any indicator, ill be croaking out my voice in the morning. *SIGH*  Thank goodness for my blog!

Sick Again

March 17, 2009 by  
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sick2Today was a beautiful day but all of us are sick. It never seems to fail that when the weather changes we all get sick. I am hoping to get some much needed sleep tonight so I can actually function in the morning. When the boys are sick it seems like I am waking anywhere from 6-7 times in the night. My poor little bubs can’t seem to get comfy and when you can’t breathe through your nose, it just makes matters worse. The boys were a little crankier than usual but they still wanted to play outside.  I lnow that when I am miserable, all I want is my bed.  I never know if I should be keeping them sort of quiet or let them just play. We decided to let them go out but I think the boys overdid it. I just hope that this crud  goes away soon so we can enjoy the warmer weather!