Mommy Messed It Up

April 4, 2009 by  
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Well, we had a busy day today.  The plan was to get some yard work done, a little grocery shopping, last minute Easter shopping and then head to an even at the zoo.

The boys were very excited about the zoo and we talked about it all day.  I was already tired from mowing the lawn and going to the store.  I have been sick off an on with some nasty cold/virus type stuff, but was looking forward to going.  It was a little chilly weather wise but overall a beautiful day, and next week we have a chance of snow ugh!

So we head out for the zoo, and when we pull up everyone is leaving and no one is goin gin.  So im like well I thought the thing was today.  So dear husband went and checked and it is next weekend!  The boys were in tears and I felt like poo because I messed up the dates.  Not only that we missed an egg hunt this morning because I had that date mixed up with the zoo thing!  I felt bad, but jelly beans and a trip to a new playground made their day.  They both got their baths, and went to bed and fell asleep in five minutes.  I still feel awful.  I swear somedays I don’t know where my brain has gone to.  I’ll get it right next week!