Christmas Tree Adventure Weekend

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So this is the weekend that it decided to get cold and the weekend in which we headed to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree.  At first I wasn’t sure how this was going to go since I am sick and the boys seemed a little cranky.

It all started out ok but then one of the boys saw a tractor and well, that seemed to be the primary focus.  He wanted to sit in that tractor and that was all she wrote.  The guy sent us over the the hill way over yonder for the taller trees.  We wanted at least a 9 ft tree since we have vaulted ceilings.  We went to where he pointed and the tallest one was 7 ft.  I am now frozen, and the boys aren’t cooperating.  The one who wanted the tractor decided to stop moving, throw his hat on the ground and proceeded to scream.

Meanwhile, my husband has the other on the little tree cart, and they are bouncing through the hills.  I wave back and say i’ll be right back to see if we are in the right place.  I find an old guy and he says, “ok see the opening there, make a left….head to the second douglas fir sign, you’ll see small tiny white pines, head back to the neighbors fence line and there’s about 40 trees there.”  By now I can’t feel my face so what’s a little more cold?  So we head off into the hills one more time, and find the patch of 40 trees.  They were basically tall sticks with a few sprigs.  So I had resigned ourselves to a much smaller tree.  We head over to the 7 ft trees and I look at the price and its $50.  They had some premium frasier firs already cut, smelled phenomenal and they were 10 ft or taller up front.  For the extra $30, my husband says, lets just get the one you really want and be done.  I think we had all had it by now.  The years previous we were able to find a tree with no problem, but I guess they all had been cut.

They packed up the tree, shook it out, and put a hole in the bottom and we creatively tied it to the roof.  We began our hour drive back and I prayed the tree wouldn’t fly off the roof.  Even though I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere, my dear husband pulled back the cover to the sunroof so I could babysit the tree.  I could see it, but if it did come undone, it’s not like I could catch it.

I spent the day Sunday decorating and getting ready for Santa.  The tree turned out beautiful and now Santa can come to our house.  I love the magic of Christmas!

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9 Responses to “Christmas Tree Adventure Weekend”
  1. trisha says:

    as long as it doesnt come home w/ a squirrel like national lampoons, i call it a successful day.

  2. Robin G says:

    That is such an adventure for kids :)

  3. Brittany says:

    I want a 9ft tree LOL! Christmas is magical ain’t it?!?!?!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    You have me badly wishing dh was around so we could get our tree and put it up! I’m glad you were able to get yours up! :)

  5. Alli says:

    We aren’t putting up a tree this year (we rarely do if we travel). I can’t wait to see the one my mom puts up.

  6. Stefanie says:

    LOL Take a left, right, jump up and down, freeze your ass off, take another left, turn around in a circle and you’ll be there. You’ve GOT to love mens directions! lol

    Glad you got your tree…it’s very pretty! :)

  7. Louise says:

    That’s quite an adventure. With that many kids it’s hard to go out in public. Glad you got a tree.

  8. What a treat. We can’t do real trees (because of my skin and allergies), so we have to unpack ours each year. Not as much fun.


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