Corn Refiners Association and High Fructose Corn Syrup

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As a mother to growing young children, I typically try to balance the boys; diets and limit their sugar intake.  When I step into a grocery store, reading food labels can be almost overwhelming.  I usually try to make choices that have the least amount of sugar, but I also don’t deny them a few sweet treats.

There has been an ever growing debate on the effects of high fructose corn syrup in our diet and it’s relation to obesity.  If you haven’t read or heard the information, you can easily get clued in at your local grocery store.  In the bread aisle alone, every other loaf, is stamped with “no high fructose corn syrup!”  Having this on a label is a subconscious mental cue that HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is something that you want to avoid.

I was able to attend a live webinar  and learn a little more about the sugars we put into our mouth.  But prior to the meeting we had to do a hunt through our pantries and pick out five items we use on a regular basis and find out how much sugar was in each one of those items.  I was surprised at what I found.  You wouldn’t think that your tomatoes has any sugar in them, but they do.  If you want to know whats in your food, a good resource is (  I am amazed at just how much sugar we consume.

Attending this webinar, put on by mom central and the corn refiners association was a fun and very educational hour, looking into HFCS and how all sugars are broken down in the body.  I was surprised to find out that the key differences in table sugar vs HFCS was that sucrose is fructose and glucose and HFCS is fructose and glucose that is bound together.  Both of them are broken down the same way by a particular enzyme in the body.

When you get down to brass tax, in my opinion, it isn’t the type of sugar we consume across the board but how much we are consuming.  Your daily intake of sugar should be 25% of your caloric intake.  I know that it is very easy to over indulge in sweet and sugary foods, and I think that moderation is probably the key.  I am sure that debates will continue, but the one thing that remains the same is that all experts agree that eating a balance diet is key to nutrition.  Pay attention to food labels, plan out menus that balance your sugar intake, and get your children involved.  Knowledge is key to teaching them healthy eating habits, high fructose corn syrup or not.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of the Corn Refiners Association. I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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5 Responses to “Corn Refiners Association and High Fructose Corn Syrup”
  1. I find it demeaning that we’re being told reading food labels can be overwhelming. But maybe I no longer find it overwhelming to read them since I’ve learned to stick with more natural products and skip the vast majority of junk and processed foods when I grocery shop.

    Yes, tomatoes may have sugar in them, but I trust the sugar Mother Nature imbibes through sunlight and air over a sugar made in a factory.

    Perhaps in a lab it doesn’t come down to the type of sugar we consume. But when we’re talking about real life, I disagree. We need to raise the question of whether the TYPE of sugar is affecting the QUANTITY consumed. In my experience, products made with HFCS do not have the quality of taste. So are we overeating because our taste buds are searching for a quality HFCS can’t give?

    We also need to raise the question of the source of the information. CRA has a vested interested in HFCS sales. Not to say they are lying, but they aren’t above suspect of slanting information and leaving out less than favorable information.

  2. Miriam T. says:

    I also attended one of the webinars for the CRA. I thought it was interesting that they were trying to point out similarities to basic sugar to help support changing the name from HFCS to “corn sugar”.

  3. Great post and i appreciate all the thoughts , opinions and facts that are being posted. Up until I attended the same webinar for Mom Central & The Corn Refiners, I ‘knew about’ HFCS, but wasn’t aware there were so many controversial issues over it. What really irritates me is those that claimant be 100% organic or all natural, yet they are contradicting themselves by going out to dinner at a restaurant, drinking a soda, juice, hell even a beer or mixed drink. Do they think these are ‘all natural’ ? I took pics if some items in ny fridge yesterday that contain HFCS. I was suprised, but sugars are all just that – sugars. We each break down these components differently, no matter what one may think. IMO moderation is they key, in any diet. If you don’t buy or consume HFCS, your body is getting similar sugar elsewhere. Our bodies are programmer to digest each in a different way. Its not like I make my grocery list with ‘Oh, I’m gonna buy stuff that strictly has HFCS in it.’ Everything at any store we buy WILL be processed in some way, shape or form… Even those things bought at a whole foods or ‘natural/organic’ store.

  4. Richard says:


    Sounds like you have a personal problem with someone who likes organic foods or people who shop at Whole Foods. Processed foods and those labeled Organic are NOT the same at all. You are producing false statements.

    Also I read your post, you said you asked questions to a pre-recorded webinar, which I dont think can be done. Also did you get paid for this? Seems that you did a post on the corn syrup issue to make a point you have. I think a lot of your ideas are just that.

    Goodd luck to all.


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